30 August 2009

Poll Result - How much do you spend on Filofax each year?

Firstly thank you to everyone who took part in the poll. We ran it just for curiosity really. When you look at the results, I don't think there are any big surprises really.

The lowest you might spend is on a new diary insert and may be some replacement pages. The higher spend might be were you have several organisers to replenish or to buy additional ones.

Click on the chart to see a full size version.

If you have any ideas about future polls do let us know.


  1. Wow we are a spendy bunch! I guess it was to be expected though, on a website for people who love Filofaxes. (I have to admit I was in the high-spender category too!)

  2. I must be most thrifty. Home made inserts, photocopied and hole punched!