09 August 2009

The internet's conscientious objectors

I came across a fascinating article today on the BBC website, it's about people that decide not to use the internet in their lives at all. Not just because they don't have access to the net, or they don't have a computer.

Now obviously as you are reading this on line, you don't come in to that category. But I noticed an interesting comment:
"We tried computing and we're back to writing letters" says one of those being questioned by researcher, as e-mail is seen as too impersonal for close human contact.
I started to think about the similarity between people that write letters, and those that still use paper diaries, in our case a Filofax.

I have always kept a couple of sheets of my own headed paper and an envelope and some postage stamps in my A5 organiser, it just seemed a natural thing to add. However, the lack of hand writing practice doesn't help the reader, especially with my hand writing!!

So do you write letters too?


  1. I have to say that I love the Internet and communicate regularly with certain people via email - it's easy to check both at home and at work and sometimes elsewhere. I don't have a BlackBerry or Internet access via my phone, so usage is limited to some extent (which is good for me, or I'd be using it all the time). Email works for quick messages and responses. However, I do still write cards and send them via snail mail. It's fun to send cards and receive something other than bills and junk mail. Unforuntately, I don't have much use for writing actual letters anymore (to people other than my grandparents who have never used a computer in their lives) since anyone I would write to uses email also.

  2. My mail takes a month each way to and from the US, so it's pointless for me to write letters. As much as I don't like technology, I would be very cut off from the world and friends/ family without the internet and email. I do send Christmas/ holiday cards, but that is just about the only communication I do by snail mail. Otherwise it's mostly email, and phone second.

    I used to work in a corporation that had a very email-centric office culture. It was to the point where people were using email when they should have been using the phone, as in sending an email and then expecting an immediate reply. Sometimes I would come back from an hour long meeting with a series of emails and subsequent emails asking why I hadn't replied yet! If you need an immediate reply, call me on the telephone! But I digress...

  3. I love technology and gadgets & I use them regularly. However I do still use snail mail, send cards and such simply because I enjoy sitting down and writing (and I know which of my friends prefer the experience of receiving a hand-written piece of mail).

    Technology has it's place, as does the art of the writing. I use both a Filo and my laptop/iPhone to stay organized. Both fulfill something for me. I would never give up either.

    When the power is out however, it sure is nice to know all my data is safe & sound in luxurious leather : )