10 August 2009

From the Web - Monday 10th August

A couple of stories spotted this week on other sites:

It seems Bibles suffer similar problems to Filofax Organisers... they won't lie flat when new. Also useful tips on which Bible is similar in size to a Filofax Organiser.


An earlier article on this same site has some excellent pictures of other organisers too.


Another use for a Filofax in the home for collating recipes. Which got me thinking about a design of a suitable recipe template may be? Sketch out what you think it would look like and email me a scan.



  1. okay philofaxy dude...the pics on that bible site make me feel like i am the worst filofax owner ever. i have had a vibrant green picadilly philo since around 98. i love it, but it looks tattered compared to the vintage ones in that pic. i called philofax US about having it refurbished or getting another one made with no luck. *sigh*

  2. I agree, that Winchester is gorgeous. But, it is from back in the day when they were made in England. From what I have heard/ read, those were just better quality. I wonder if anything made since then would look that good over time.

    I'm not much of a cook, but there are a few recipes that I keep in my go-everywhere Filo to have on hand wherever I am, just in case. These include my super-easy no-fail chocolate cake. You never know when you might need to whip one up for a celebration!

  3. Last year I found blank notepaper for my Personal Filo at Kinokuniya. The packaging referred to the size as "Bible Size", which I thought was a bit odd until I saw this posting. My boyfriend jokes that my Filo is my "Bible" as I keep it religiously updated and by my side.