15 March 2012

Philofaxy London Meet Up - May 2012

So this is a 'calling notice' for people who would like to attend the next Philofaxy Meet Up in London. Please read all of the post before you apply for a place on the meet up. Places are limited in numbers.

When and Where

The date of the meet up is  Saturday 26th May 2012 and we will meet initially at 12 noon at Tate Modern which is at Bankside on the South Bank of the Thames.

We will be eating at Cafe 2 which is at the western end of the building:

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The menu for Cafe2 is quite varied and in the past we have found it quite reasonably priced. It is easier for us if you bring cash for the meal, generally we just split the bill by the number of people eating.

During the meal there will be plenty of time for chatting and sharing Filofax organisers...

Then we will take a walk across the river to City Organiser who have kindly agreed to open their shop for us on the Saturday afternoon... in fact Andy will be joining us for lunch at Tate Modern. 

Our meet up will finish at about 5:30pm

How to book a place on the meet up

To get a place on the meet up you need to email: steve[at]philofaxy[dot]com  but not before 9am (UK time) tomorrow Friday 16th March 2012. Please only request a place if you are 99% certain that you will be able to attend on the 26th I'm hoping this time to have full attendance.

Once all ten places are assigned additional names will be added to a reserve list, in case anyone has to drop out of the meet up between the 16th and 26th May.

As places are allocated you will receive an email back again confirming your place on the meet up.

Please do not book travel tickets etc until you have a confirmed place. I will attempt to confirm places within 2-3 hours of receiving your email. 

Additional Information

If you aren't familiar with London or how to get to Tate Modern from the station you are arriving at then use the Transport for London Journey Planner, it's generally quite good. 

Once we have our full list of people, we will exchange email addresses and if you aren't familiar with London you might be able to get someone to meet you at the station you are arriving at.

Your safety on the day and your enjoyment on the day is of paramount importance to me, so don't be afraid to ask any questions by email, I want everyone who attends to get the most from the day.

I'm going to be staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Southwark Street, just behind Tate Modern. If you are going to be staying over night in London either on the Friday night or Saturday night then I'm sure we can meet up for dinner or a drink somewhere.

Thank you... any questions?

[Update] All places have now been allocated for this meet up. But if you would like to be added to the reserve list, please email me and I will add you to the list.

In your email please include your mobile number and how close to the meeting date and time we can call you to say someone has dropped out and would you like to come instead of them. 

For instance if you live in London and some one drops out that morning I would look down the list for someone who could get there in the remaining time and call them first.  I hope that makes sense and is fair to everyone.

Thank you for all the prompt emails this morning.



  1. wish I could attend
    but my boss wont let me go
    bosses are rubbish.

    but while in London
    see Holborn, Finsbury, Finchley
    and then New Malden.

    1. ... and why not Bloomsbury, Hampstead, Stratford etc! And then maybe head out (on the A4!) to take in Eton and Winchester? If we've time we could press on to Kendal (A5!) before taking tea at Balmoral!

      (I'm originally from Birmingham so let's not end up under Spaghetti Junction in Aston!)

  2. Wish I could be part of this one, but I'm going to be in Leicester at the Space Centre with the kids. Darn.

  3. Wish I could be there!! Have a wonderful time everyone!!!

  4. @Ray...Space Centre.... Leicester!!!!!????!!!! I lived in a small village called Anstey, on the outskirts of Leicester and went to the local village school there. No Space Centre then.... we always did manage Bradgate Park though, which was always fantastic for a picnic and for the deer. Plus the wonderful story of Lady Jane Grey and the pollarded trees... the tops of the trees were cut off on the day she was beheaded and have remained pollarded ever since. So sad... she was such a young queen.Have a WONDERFUL time and say hi to Leicestershire for me!!
    Steve, I am sorry, but as I am still job seeking, I can't manage it this time, much as I would really love to. It sounds so good. Hope that folks have just a superb day. If anyone is dithering over going.... don't. It is just fabulous... great company and so much sharing of Filofaxes, task management bits and bobs and a whole load of laughter, chat and photographs on the way. Plus a good meal shared together. Lovely!

  5. @Butanben Ha Ha, guess where I live now? Yes Anstey. Bradgate Park is wonderful but so is the Space Centre :)

    1. WOW!! What a small world it is. I can barely believe that!!My childhood home was in Peartree Close... still there I believe.I was always at Bradgate Park as a child or cycling with my dad around the resevoir at Cropstone. Happy days! I also remember the packhorse bridge and taking a fishing net and jam jar down to the brook.There was a lovely church and a wee sweetie shop on the corner. Mum would occasionally give my friend and I a sixpence to spend there.Ooooh the choices it had. My cat, Ginger, used to trot down the hill to the school gates and wait for me every day at 3.30... and walk me the short walk home.... bless him. Wow!! Give my love to Anstey. I am sure, as it is such a coincidence, that Steve won't mind me posting a non Philofaxy related comment here. xx

  6. The last weekend in May is always the Late Spring Bank Holiday in the UK (successor to Whitsuntide, which varies according to when Easter falls - hence the change a few years ago). However with the Queen's Jubillee in 2012, the Bank Holiday has been moved to 4th June with the official Jubillee Bank holiday on Tuesday 5th.

    I mention this because a lot of our holiday cottage guests seem very confused, especially as some diaries were printed before the decision was taken by Parliament to move the Late Spring Bank Holiday into June. Filofax and Flex diary pages seem to be accurate, but readers will no doubt be hurridly checking!

    So, in short, Steve's date is NOT on the UK Bank Holiday weekend but on a normal Saturday. (I'm already booked onto a lads fell walking weekend in the Lake District, alas!)

    1. Yes it was a tricky one to plan with all the Bank Holidays around that time. I also wanted to avoid getting anywhere near the Olympics which has increased the cost of air travel in that period.

  7. While I cannot join you this time anyway, I was still wondering if for future meetups the actual booking could be several weeks sooner? When you first announced the date of the meetup, Eurostar tickets were half the price that they are today! And you'll understand that I'd rather spend my money on Filofaxes than tickets .... ;-)

  8. Oh, how I wish I could attend! But, from California, this is such a long and expensive journey. However, one day I hope to make it there and meet you all in person and have a wonderful lunch while discussing our lovely Filos. Have a great time everyone!

  9. I hope you all have a wonderful time! It was already in my diary, but I had the opportunity to get a place on an amazing course over that week end. You'll be able to see the new ones including the purple Malden :)

    For anyone undecided about going, I'd thoroughly recommend it as every one was so friendly & I had a great day at the last one.

  10. i like the way this meet up is planned and explained here ^^

    much much fun to you guys!

    (i think my comment function is working again oO i´m almost scared to push the publish button in a few seconds :D )

    1. iiiiihihihihihi it´s working!!!! hihihihi

    2. We will try to live tweet on the day so look out for updates on Twitter.

      This is our 5th London meet up so the planning is fairly routine now!

  11. All places have now been allocated. See my Update above if you wish to be added to the reserve list.


  12. Thank you everyone for your prompt response this morning.