10 March 2012

Web Finds - 10 March 2012

So here we are again... you know the drill by now.. find yourself an hour or three, a drink of your choice and a quiet moment to enjoy the following web finds this week.
This weeks Oscar Nominations:



  1. Thanks for that again! I will HAVE to start with that Adelphi video!

  2. Steve, you crack me up with your Oscar-comment, haha. Truth be told, I liked making these little vids very much, especially because I didn't have to star in them myself, he he.
    There might be coming other vids about the setup and uses of the members of my (ever-growing) Filofax-family!

  3. Thanks for the links.
    City Organisers blog entry mentions more variety of the better selling inserts, including more fun types, which is surely a no brainer when you consider that binders are becoming more colourful and exotic. Their other suggestions are spot on, though they largely restate what has been stated on this blog umpteen times.

  4. Thanks for all the web finds Steve, enjoyable read as always.
    Love the city organiser piece, hope filofax take notes of this!!

    To all, just noticed that filofax UK has the Chameleon on special right now 50% off, making it 32.50 each (personal) which I think is very good for a nice leather filo, they have all the colours bar the aqua/turquoise, which is the one I like phew!! :)

  5. A great host of posts Steve.I love this part of the week.Let's hope Filofax start to listen to their customer base at that meeting with City Organiser.I personally would jump up and down with joy if there were to be an A5 Crimson Malden. I have already posted this on their FB page and it was taken forward.... but obviously no result this year.I loved the stamper idea. As a teacher, I used a librarian's stamper to date pieces of assessment,memos to photocopy, to date letters received on..., pupil worksheets, etc etc. My stamper was different, but handy to have too.

  6. Thank you for featuring my post! Much thanks, and I feel so honored!