25 March 2012

Free Pocket Filofax diary layouts to download

People have been very patient. Ray and I are now ready to release Pocket-sized versions of some of our diary layouts.

1. Enhanced TM Week on Two Pages
First, we have the very popular Enhanced TM Week on Two Pages layout:

Is the Pocket page big enough for this layout to be usable? You'll have to decide. But with this layout, you can view the whole week's schedule alongside daily tasks. And, weekend days get as much space as weekdays, which I know lots of people are clamouring for.

You can download and print finished versions for this year from our diary inserts page.

Print this double-sided. If you have a duplex printer, set it to flip on the short edge. If you don't then you'll have to print odd-numbered pages and then refeed to print the even-numbered pages on the reverse. You might have to experiment to find out how to refeed the paper.

On one side of each sheet you'll find crop marks. Use a craft knife and a steel ruler to release the Pocket pages and punch them. The templates are set up with mirrored gutters to accommodate the holes.

As usual, we're also giving you the facility to lift the bonnet and play with the innards. You'll have full freedom to edit and create your own adapted version by downloading this Word file and this Excel file.

If you want to know how to go about using the source files, this post will help you.

2. Two Days Per Page
Next we have the Two Days Per Page layout, in two flavours: unlined and lined:

You can download and print finished versions for this year from our diary inserts page.  Use the instructions above to print and finish your pages.

Before printing any of the prepared sets, please see our note on printing PDF files on this page

All you tinkerers need to download this Word file for the unlined version or this Word file for the lined version. In either case, you'll also need this Excel file.

Creative Commons License
This work by Philofaxy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Please download, adapt, use, share, but don't charge or use commercially.


  1. Thanks! Thanks! Off to print my pages! (:

  2. Many thanks for provide us Pocket users, too!!! :-)

  3. Ray & Steve, thanks again for this, I'm so excited to use this. As I printed out a few pages to test, I found out a few things. I hope you don't mind if I give a few inputs:

    1) Size is fine with me as I have tiny handwriting.
    2) I like the format! I may just get rid of my transparent flyleaf/dashboard in lieu of this.

    And a few niggles, hope you don't mind the input, just to point a few things out:

    3) Is it just me? or are the pages smaller than regular pocket pages?
    4) The gray lines inside the days are just a teeny bit too light to be seen. Is there an unlined version? No big deal here though, I can still work with it.

    More importantly though, the printing part - I printed out a few pages to test and I don't know if it's just stupid little ole me, but I can't seem to set the printing to just a few pages to print back-to-back . . . it always prints out the whole 56 pages. Not one to tinker (I can use Word/Excel but those source files are too complicated for me), I haven't really done anything to fix this, just thought I'd share with you to see if you encountered this. What I did for now was print regularly, cut them out, and glued them on back-to-back.

    Overall, I like the Pocket TM! The format is simple and clutter-free, the gray lines are great and soft to the eyes, and it looks like there's enough spaces for me to work with. I already copied this week's info to use it. (:

    Again, hope you don't mind the long-ish feedback. I just wanted to put in my 2 cents.


    1. By the way, the back-to-back alignment is perfect! (:

    2. Hi
      Please see the note on the diary inserts page regarding printing the PDF files. By default your reader will scale the page to about 96% you need to turn that off.


      Which particular insert did you find the gray lines too light?

      And it's your printing settings that are printing the whole set of pages rather than just a few pages.


    3. Steve, thanks, I'll check my printer settings and adjust to 100% scale. I finally figured out how to print alternate pages and then print the rest to make them back-to-back.

      I printed the 2012 TM Diary, and as Ray mentioned below, I could adjust the line weights but I think I'll just leave them the way they are now. Might just be too much work for something that doesn't really bother me.

    4. I've been road-testing the Pocket TM and it's almost perfect for me. The four lines for the schedule are fine - I have fairly small writing - but would it be possible to have the To-Do side as 3 lines per day, rather than four? I have had a play at trying to do this myself and made a right royal mess. :-(
      3/day would make it just perfect (I'm busy, but 21 to-do in a week is more than enough for me).
      If it's not possible, no worries. Thank you so much for all the hard work you guys have been doing!!

  4. What you might find is that because Word has applied sections in the merge it is tricky to print off just a small range. What I'd do in theose circumstances is just delete the pages you don't want and then print what is left. As long as you don't save the file (or save it with a different filename) no harm is done.

    On the size issue, look as Steve suggests at the Acrobat print dialog if you're printing from PDF.

    The lines are designed to be faint enough to ignore, but on some printers might be slightly fainter or bolder. If you know what you're doing in Word, the line weight is adjustable.

  5. Hey, I know you've only just started doing the pocket sized inserts but is there a day on two pages (with notes) for the pocket in the pipeline? The day per page sheets available are far too expensive!