31 March 2012

Web Finds - 31 March 2012

So another great week of Filofax finds on the web....
Tune in tomorrow for something slightly different on Philofaxy.....

And don't forget we have the Philofaxy Skype chat on Sunday as well...


    1. Yay!!! Time to chill and read :o)

    2. I love Saturday! So many new ideas! Thank you Philofaxy

    3. Hi Steve, a bit off the topic. I crave for a Finchley - but one in mustard, teal, vintage rose or even in jade. I found an A5 mustard on the German site, but at Euro 169.00, I think it is just a bit too much. Saw they have Finchely mustard on their corporate sales website and have sent a mail to Filofax UK. Are there any other people wanting the same colours that I want? Is there any way to start a petition requesting for more colours in Finchley? Do people at Filofax care what their customers really want? Being a newbie any information would be helpful. Thanks, Preethi

      1. @filofit - I'm fairly sure the Finchley is being discontinued. The nearest one to it is the Aston. If you really want a finchley your best bet would be to keep an eye on ebay.

      2. Filofax Denmark still has lots of Finchleys in different sizes and colours, 50% off.

      3. Lots of really good web finds this week, Steve.

        Many thanks for including mine

        Denise (cupcakes and cadenzas)