24 March 2012

Webfinds - 24 March 2012

Only 9 months until Christmas... too early.. yes I think so too... but in the mean time why not forget that random thought by reading some Filofax blog posts we have uncovered this week.....
Can I give a shout out to two of our readers who are fund raising for Cancer Research UK. Alison and Sharon are both doing their own 'Race for Life' in June (different dates). Click on the links and give your support to them.



  1. Ooh - my favourite time of the week. Filofax in hand ready to write down things I want to investigate further to change my set up. Thanks Steve, and thanks also for including my posts. LJx

  2. Thank you for including my post!

  3. Yay, this is my treat when I've done my study for today!
    Thanks as well for including my post. I've included a link to my video of the filofax in that post :)

  4. Next time a poll in run to learn how many Organisers are owned, I suggest the grouping of 20+ is expanded to bands of 10 to take into account those whose family is growing to astonishing proportions.

  5. Yay! Now I don't have google search filofax to find posts! This is so much easier! Thanks steve!