17 March 2012

Web Finds - 17 March 2012

Thank you to Gerard for the St Patrick's Day card.

Busy week? Why not relax and enjoy some Filofax blog posts... and we have some new sites to sneak up on and surprise!


  1. sigh.... I have finished reading. I have to actually DO something now.

  2. Oh and I constantly see things on here I would like to do that would mess up my current system. I then spend a couple of days wondering how I could somehow adapt what I have. I then usually realise that what I already do works best for me. A few days later I read another post that makes me think 'oh I'd like that' and it starts all over again...

    For example the moleskine book journal from Bluebonnet Reads - I think to myself 'mmm tasty, I would love to have that to read through again'.

    I just list the books I read with an 'out of 10' mark and a code to say why it lost marks. Not fun to read again - just informative for me. However I am not sure I would keep up with writing that much about a book every time I read one. I read a lot. So am I looking at it as something I would actually do or just something I would like to do? I could just end up with an expensive notebook with 2 pages used...

  3. Thanks for the updates Steve - you always seem to find posts that I've missed!