08 March 2012

How do you use: Diet and Fitness

Following on from our series on different format diary inserts that we have been covering the last few weeks. I would like to venture in to another area of how you use for your Filofax for specific tasks.

So this week, how have you set up your Filofax to keeping track of your diet and fitness including any goals you might set?

Are there any specific inserts you use, or require?

If you can share pictures on Flickr or your own blog post then please post links in the comments.


  1. I'd like an insert
    to keep track and organise
    my other inserts.

  2. I use my day on two pages to track daily food intake. I follow the weight watchers plan so I have to track the corresponding points as well. Then I transfer the total points of the day to my month-per-view calendar so I can have an overall view of how I did every week. On that monthly calendar I also track weekly weight change together with little color-coded circles for the days I do yoga, weights and/or physical therapy exercises. I color-code those circles so I can quickly look at that week and see how I did. Then at the end of the month I compare those notes on my yearly planner that has my weight and physical goals projected for every month. I know it sounds complicated (now that I re-read what I wrote) but it really isn't. It is simple and I have fun tracking and monitoring myself!

  3. I have two tabbed sections one for my food diaries and another for my exercise log. I also use a day per page where I plan my meals in advance.

  4. This is such a wonderful topic to have posted on, thank you! XClaireX do you have any pictures or blog where you have written about it?

    I would love to be able to incorporate my food and exercise into my daily filofax binder, so am reading the comments with interest!

  5. I have a Notes page that i use to track my workouts (date, type of exercise, duration), and i also put a sign in my diary for the days i did work out (to check i do it 3 times a week).
    I love the inserts you did, i hope you'll do some for health/diet too :) (and Pocket sized?...)

  6. My mini Malden is my food diary, weight and BMI tracker. I just write down what I eat during the day to see how my diet reflects on my results. I put a smiley (or frowney) face depending on which direction the weight/BMI go. Haven't incorporated exercise into the fitness yet though. Maybe later.

  7. I've set something up recently (although I have to admit if life takes over it gets neglected!) I am following Slimming World (SW) and have set up one of my A5 binders for this. The reason I chose A5 is that the books they give you to bring every week and record your weight in are A5, and you can download info from the website which for me tends to be A4 so I just punch and pop in my binder.

    The set up so far is: I have a day on two pages diary on which I record everything I eat every day and also my exercise. I have a section called books in which I record which SW books I have - they sell them at group and with my memory there is a good chance I could buy one twice! I have a section each for the diet and exercise sheets they provide (haven't used these yet, but plan to). I also have an A-Z section in which I am building up a list of foods and syns that I often want to eat (for example Gravy with my meal, salad cream, tomato sauce, even biscuits for that odd treat!). With SW there is a vast array of foods that you don't have to count, and a smaller number which you do, some like to use their syns on choc and wine, I prefer to use mine to make my meals more tasty - each to their own! I also have my SW membership card in the front of the binder, so when I go to class I just grab my binder and I'm good to go.

    I hadn't thought of using a month to view to show an overview - great suggestion Lime Tree! I may well go and print out Ray and Steve's month to view for my binder to do this.

    Some of you may know I am doing the Run for Life at the end of June, (http://ow.ly/9wGTB) so tracking my exercise will become more important from now on (had a serious plumbing problem this week which has sent everything including my bank balance into meltdown!!!). Hopefully once to run is over my new found exercise regime will have stuck and I will continue with it. I may get some new stickers to use in the monthly view!

    Really looking forward to hearing what others are doing in this area.

  8. I use my Filofax to keep track of my diabetes. Currently, I'm using my Swarovski special edition as I just love stroking it or I switch between my amethyst Deco for the same reason. I have created a table divided into 2 hour blocks so I can match blood sugar readings against insulin and food and a graph for an at a glance record. I also keep a food diary. It all works because I love my Filofaxes!

  9. I have my 'training for my half-marathon' schedule in my filofax and have also logged miles per week and weight (and watched the lines converge). Maybe unusually, I have to make sure I eat enough calories with the half-marathon training (a weekend run can consume 1000 calories!). The half marathon is in April, so only 6 weeks to go!

  10. I tried SW a year or so ago, and used one filofax to religeously record my food intake, syns, exercise, all that stuff. The benefit of using one filofax to record all this stuff cannot be denied, but I found it difficult to keep writng everything down. What I do now is have a single sheet of graph paper in my main filofax, showing my weight over time. It's the first page I see when I open my filofax so there's no avoiding it, lol. If I'm above the line I just eat 5 portions of fruit or veg that day but nothing else. If I'm below the line I eat what I like. Just that one page in my filofax keeps my diet on track and saves me an awful lot of faffing about with anything more complex. I'm consistently losing a gentle 1/2 lb a week - nothing too drastic - and saving the fiver I was forking out for SW, which I can put towards another 2nd hand Winchester perhaps.

  11. I'm afraid the only way diet works for me is accountability - hence I have to go to class even if I think I've gained. Otherwise I just get complacent and it all comes back on!

  12. I've just written a post on how I use my running and fitness Filofax.

    Hope it helps. I personally think that logging fitness related things in your Filofax should be a bonus - another incentive to do the workout. I know that I enjoy opening my hideous Apex and looking at the sheer number of pages of workout info that I've filled. It gives me a sense of accomplishment.

  13. I have a menu planner to plot out my meals for the week. I follow a low carb way of eating which needs planning. I also have a section for the kids if they want something different. I then use it to place a delivery order. It is one of my most uses sections.


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