12 August 2012

Guest Post - Chris - Three things I want Filofax to produce (2) Organisers that hold Mini-Tablets

Again thank you to Chris Partridge for the second in his series of Guest Posts on what he would like Filofax to produce, if you missed his first post take a look back at it here

The next thing I want Filofax to produce is an organiser that holds my new Google Nexus 7 tablet.

The new iPad-holding Pennybridge is just out, and the Flex with its slide-in iPad case is on the way soon, but why should Apple fans have all the joy?

Anyway, fitting an iPad into a Filo comes means big increases in size and weight. Fully loaded with the iPad (650gm) and inserts, the Pennybridge is likely to weigh a couple of kilos and is almost as big as an A4 desk organiser. That is just too much to tote around. And removing the iPad from its frame is a bit of a faff.

I want an organiser that holds everything I need for meetings - my Nexus tablet, paper to write on and a pen - in a light, convenient package. I don't want to use the tablet in the organiser, just to be able to slip it into a sleeve that will protect the screen when I am carrying it about but allow it to be removed easily for use.

An A5 organiser with a pocket in one side would be ideal. The Nexus 7 fits well within the A5 form factor so it would be very simple to make. It weighs in at only 340gm so the whole thing would weigh less than a kilo (unless you are very, very addicted to inserts, of course). The picture shows my Nexus in a naff A5 notebook folder from my stationary drawer, just to show how ideal the size is as a tablet case.

Steve The Philofaxy Man has already experimented with holding a Kindle in the notepad holder slot of a Malden and it works sort of with the Nexus, but it really needs to be a properly fitted pocket to be truly acceptable.

So why not, good people at Filofax? If you need any more encouragement, Apple is strongly rumoured to be launching a mini-iPad in September that would be a very similar form factor to the Nexus, so organisers with tablet pockets should have very wide appeal.


  1. Chris - I agree. Having been the owner of an iPad for three weeks, I can see how things are changing - and fast!

    Like most readers on here, I've been a paper devotee for a long time. However, using a tablet (of any size) is rapidly becoming the norm for most folk. Filofax are only now realising this and trying to catch-up. However, as you point out, they are only dipping a toe in the water by introducing binders that will hold an iPad - or in the case of the new leather Flex models - an iPhone.

    With long lead times from design concept to bulk manufacture in China, don't expect your dream to come true for at least another year.

  2. I think this is a case of "damned if you do, damned if you don't" for Filofax. Just the other week people were saying they wouldn't use the iPad / Pennybridge set-up. I know I wouldn't as I use my iPad very differently from how I use my Filofax. Plus, with the sheer range of tablets available, it's just not possible to have a Filofax / tablet case for every possibility.

    In this instance, I think the two are best kept separate. However, if you really want to keep your tablet in your filofax, I'm sure there's some kind of hack you could do with a case or a strong plastic wallet, a hole punch and some reinforcing discs.

  3. I heartily agree with Babs. It would be most difficult for Filofax to do this since there is no standardization in the world of Tablets. Like Babs, I also use my iPad differently than I use my Filofax. My iPad is a media consumption device and has no place being stored in my Filofax.

  4. I was interested that you placed the tablet on the left and the notepad on the right, as that would be my preferred layout. Perhaps FF need to bear this flexibility in mind so people can choose which way round they want.

    I think for planning tasks or writing/dreaming up ideas, pen and paper wins hands down.

    For my work calendar (Outlook), a portable technology solution that I could keep in my FF would suit me as my calendar changes several times per day. However, I'm severely restricted by what technology is supported at work, so I don't envisage changing my system any time soon.

  5. A kindle sits very snug and tight in the pockets of a finchley and a classic. Both wouldtake something a touch bigger. Would that do for your nexus? I use ipad with filo all the time but the combined case seems silly beause you have to take the ipad out to turn pages on the filo without obscuring the screen. My leather slip case for the ipad is protective but lighter and slimmer than any case

  6. I think it would be a mistake for Filofax to bring out binders that included storage for various technological devices purely because they are forever changing. I was quite surprised they bought out the one for the ipad actually. technology changes so fast and as various other companies bring out their version of tablets how could a relatively small company like Filofax cater for each and every tablet in a binder? The nexus is differently sized to the ipad, which is also different to the Samsung. companies such as 'incase' who are a storage company for electronic devices have it in their best interests to provide storage options for every tablet, phone and laptop on the market. Filofax has a different purpose completely. Plus if I were to spend €100 on a Filofax to encorporate my current "i-device" do I then buy a new Filofax next year when the next model of said 'i-device' comes available?