20 June 2013

Facebook Groups

In my post last week on 'Interaction' I mentioned Facebook groups, well there are so many now that it might be easier to list them here so you can browse the list and make your mind up which to join.
  • Filofax for Philofaxers - For all users, collectors and appreciators of all Filofax and ring bound personal organisers from all eras.
    Please note people should not post items for sale on this group, all adverts go on to Ad-spot here on Philofaxy.
  • Philofaxy Washi Tape Appreciation - For members of Philofaxy who love washi tape, stickers, dividers and general prettiness. This group will run alongside the Philofaxy group, giving members the opportunity to show off their washi love without interrrupting the main group.
  • 365/30 Philofaxers - This is the 30 days of lists/blog posts for people in the Philofaxy world!
    On the last day or first of every month there will be a new set of lists for the whole month published, in a document in the Files section of the group. There will be a notification on the Facebook wall.
  • Philofaxy Meet Up Group - Mainly for UK meet ups, but people in other countries very welcome in this group. 
  • Swap Sell Source Stationery -
    • Advertising for Swaps (any stationery and Filofaxes)
    • Sourcing (any stationery and Filofaxes)
    • Selling (stationery only no Filofaxes)
    • Free Stationery (Any stationery items you do not need and want to give away)
  • Gillio Firenze - For all the fans and lovers of Gillio organisers
  • Van der Spek - for the fans and lovers of Van der Spek organisers.
  • Bagsey - Can you ever have enough? - Not Filofax related but run in conjunction with Philofaxy 
All of the above groups are run by people from within the Philofaxy community, so you are assured you will be welcomed in any of them and you will see a lot of familiar names and faces from our blog post comments. 


  1. For Australians there is also the Australian Meetup group Steve.


    1. Steve, can you please add this as a link in the blogpost above? :)

  2. Good info. I was not aware of all of the different groups. Thanks for another helpful post.

    1. I too was unaware. One thing really struck me though. Not withstanding the Washi Tape Appreciation group (which I didn't check), why do men make up barely 5% of the members? Do most guys not have lifestyle issues?

    2. I'm curious about that myself Tim. Go figure!

  3. Isn't there also a Filofax and Pens for sale (or something like that) group? Or is that a separate group outside of the Philofaxy connection?

    1. No connection to Philofaxy, we have deliberately not set up such a group as we want all Filofax sales to go to Adspot because it gets more traffic and also the sellers pay a commission to the charity Chimwemwe.

      Of course we can't stop people setting up groups what they do is up to them.

  4. Got it! Thanks for the clarification, I was wondering about that. :)

  5. I really love how each group is very defined. It makes it easier knowing which group I want to post to based on my topic, but even if I'm unsure most of the members belong to each and will see it at some point. Plus, I can't complain about the camaraderie experienced while visiting these groups! Thanks for everything you all do! I appreciate you!

  6. How do you join? I couldn't find anyplace to request membership.