22 June 2013

Web Finds - 22 June 2013

We Won! Thank you to everyone that voted for this picture of mine in the Facebook Setting the Scene challenge. We won with 270 votes. I also want to mention Tracy, who was one of the two runners up.

So what did I/we win.. five Filofax organisers. Look out for announcements soon about how to win one of these organisers and what will be on offer.

So as usual here are the latest Filofax Blog Posts from around the Internet, so if it's raining outside, grab a drink and pull up a chair:
  1. My First FiloFax Custom Template – Health and Wellness Page - No Fuss Accounting Services
  2. Introducing Ms. Plum - Two Lane Road
  3. It's not my Filofax. It's my FIELD GUIDE. - Go Kitten Go
  4. Basic Black - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  5. Set the Scene for Summer Challenge - Filofax Saffiano Review - Imysworld
  6. Filofax Diet Sheet now available - This Bugs Life
  7. How I Make My Dividers - Kelsie
  8. New Filofax! - Creating Apples
  9. Filofax Weight Loss Index - This Bugs Life
  10. Filofax update Part 2; How Am I Doing So Far in My Mini Classic Pink? - My Filoworld
  11. Changing from day per page to week on two!! - Niasian
  12. July Filofax Photo-a-Day Challenge - Friday, I'm in Love
  13. Making the Most of Your Planner’s Page Finder - Homemakers Daily
  14. Warum einfach... - Filomaniac
  15. My Week in the Personal Blue Apex - Filo Cuteness
  16. Filofax week 23 art decoration (no washi tape and stickers!) - My Summer Touch
  17. When my life changes, I change my Filofax with it! (Balmoral) - Vanilla Folders
  18. Brand New Customised Dividers! - Kelsie
  19. A little bit of news.. - Leesh
  20. Jan-Dec photographic dividers for your A5 Filofax - My Life All in One Place
  21. Der IKEA Papershop - Filomaniac
  22. Giveaway!!! - The Life of The Perpetual Student
  23. Filofax – Personal or A5 size? - This Bugs Life
  24. Blog planning sheets - Practically Pretty
  25. Filofax Organization Tote - Coffee & Literature
  26. What I use washi tape for - Paper Lovestory
  27. Die Gewinner der Blogger Challenge - Filomaniac
  28. Filofaxing/Planning/Organizing - Thoughts & Exploration
  29. Summertime with Filofax - Emily Divine
  30. Planner Fail & Filofaxes - Coffee & Literature
  31. A5 Filofax or Personal Size? - Skinny Budget
This weeks web finds were assembled using an upgraded version of 'Gromit' using Safari for Mac, which is a big improvement over the Firefox version I've used for the last couple of years!

And here are a selection the latest Filofax videos we have found:
  1. Distressing paper for the Filofax - Nina771118
  2. My Filofax Personal Saffiano setup - part1 - TeamFilofax719
  3. My Filofax Personal Saffiano Setup - part 2 - TeamFilofax719
  4. Ch-ch-ch-changes.... in my Filofax set up - Tracy Reinhardt
  5. Beginning again with my Red Hot Cuban Filofax Chilli A5 - MrAngelJem
  6. Review of the Compact Calipso Filofax - filofaxingagain
  7. FILOFAX SETUP :: my personal malden in ochre - Little Red Moose
  8. Filofax Hack - Shannon Green
  9. How I ORGANIZE in my Hot Pink Filofax - Cathy Vongnaraj
  10. Kate Spade with Filofax, Daytimer, Franklin Covey etc inserts - Crystal Charles
  11. My Pocket Finsbury Filofax as a Wallet - TeamFilofax719
  12. My Filofax set-up - mam1016
  13. My Week in the Personal Blue Apex - Amy Weimann
  14. Filofax Change and Chat - SamLuvely
As always enjoy... and don't forget that our dear friends over at 'Write At Home' are offering Worldwide Shipping Free until the end of June. Check out their website today.


  1. Congratulations!!!! Your photo is so great!
    Thank you for the links!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Congratulations!!! Yes I thought the snapshot was something out of the French Riveira...very classy.

  4. Congratulations! :)))))))))))

  5. Hi Steve! When you say these are "a selection" of the week's filofax videos, do you mean there are more you didn't include? (Although I know you don't include vertical videos, or many unboxings or hauls!) Thanks!

    1. Hi Kate
      Yes I word it like that because I can do my search at say 11pm (my time) last night and by the time the post goes live say 7 hours later there will be more videos picked up by the search engine.

      Not just ones published after the cut off point, but ones published earlier that at that point of time hadn't been indexed.

      A lot of videos get highlighted by the search engine but I tend to concentrate where possible on the practical ones. So decoration, set up videos etc. And yes I leave out the stationery haul and vertical videos and unboxing videos unless they are unusual ones.

      Another oddity is that some times a video will get missed completely even though it has Filofax in the title and in the description. I only know this because if someone numbers their videos like Kent from Oz does then if I'm missing one in the sequence then I know it's there somewhere.

      Unlike blog posts where I have a way of monitoring over 250 blogs now to spot every new blog post.. I've yet to discover a way of doing the same with videos... but I'm working on it! There are too many channels to visit each channel and try to work out if there are new videos each week, so I have to use the search engine each time.

      Here is the search term, so you can see them for yourself.


      Thanks and regards

    2. Update: I've discovered a possible way of monitoring You Tube Channels in the same way I monitor blogs.... Off to try it out...

  6. Oh my oh yes yes yes pool wine and a good book. in France no less. Total bliss! Think I'm a wee bit envious! Congrats on the win!

  7. Congratulations Steve and Tracy! Love the photos!