26 June 2013

Flex A4 Smooth

Understated style describes the Smooth range of Flex by Filofax Covers. Great for the office or for a moment to yourself, from notes to sketches, diarising your life to updating contacts, the A4 encompasses it all.

Combining innovative design with intuitive functionality, the Flex by Filofax Cover features a unique structure and arrangement of pockets allowing you to slot in your choice of Notebooks, Diaries, Contacts, Jot Pads and more. With over a million combinations, it's up to you.

Designed to fall open flat, your Flex Cover is simple, portable and ready to fit into your life and includes a Notebook and Jot Pad on cream coloured paper with tonal grey print.
  • Width 230mm, height 315mm, depth 15mm.
  • Material: Smooth PU with nappa leather grain effect
Inside left: 1 x slim sized jotpad pocket / 4 x vertical full depth slip pockets to fit slim sized flex books and accessories / 2 x vertical full depth slip pockets to fit  A4 sized flex books and accessories - one of which also includes a flap so pocket can be used to securely hold an iPad or similar sized tablet

Inside right: 2 vertical full depth slip pockets for A4 sized flex books and accessories

  • Ruled notebook
  • Jot pad
  • Moveable pen holder
Available in:
  • A4 Flex Smooth Black
  • A4 Flex Smooth Pink
  • A4 Flex Smooth Navy
RRP £49 - available on line soon. 


  1. I don't understand how they can say there's over a million combinations- I'd like to see their mathematical working for that!!!

    1. Pay attention class... !!!

    2. Yes, Kate. I've tried to work this out in the past - and failed! There are four vertical slots in a Flex so surely with 4 inserts there can be only 24 possible combinations. However, there are 8 products that can be used (planner, diary, thin/thick/plain thin/ plain thick notebook, contacts, pen holder). The fifth slot holds the jot pad and that can't go elsewhere. So, I still can't see how the combinations of the 9 available insert products can be anywhere near a million!

  2. I bought the Slim in red when it first came out...only because it was red! So far, it sits unused. Perhaps I should rethink my criteria when purchasing...

  3. If anyone has a smooth a4 flex in black or navy that is not being used, I'd be interested in purchasing. Thanks