18 June 2013

Web Finds - 18 June 2013

Here are the latest blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. Filofax Blogger Challenge: Set The Scene For Summer - Rapunzel's World << Please vote
  2. What do you need your planner to do for you? - Plannerisms
  3. Pam dwi’n troi yn ol at y Filofax yn yr oes electronig - NosBlog
  4. Finally; I’m getting my Filofax on! - Polly May
  5. Free Don't Forget pages - now in A5 size - My Life All in One Place
  6. A Filofax Day - This Bugs Life
  7. Using Compact Violet Temperley Filofax as Travel Wallet - This Bugs Life
  8. Two Interesting Filofax Articles - This Bugs Life
  9. Design for Filofax - The Filofax Cover Story Competition - New Designs
  10. What's in my Filofax June 2013 :) - The Life of The Perpetual Student
  11. Another Original… - MacPsych
  12. Stop Procrastinating! End of the Week Review - Planning with Printed Portal 
  13. too many filofaxes spoil the planning - and then she read
  14. Making Small Victories Count - My Purpley Life
  15. Perspective - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  16. Meet up für Dummies - Filomaniac
  17. Family Portrait - Thoughts & Exploration
  18. Friendly Intimacy: The Fifth Philofaxy NYC Meet Up - Well Planned Life
  19. Lessons Learned About My Time-Management - Paper Pens Ink
  20. Another week in review… - My Big Bootyful Life
  21. Sheep Herding At Disney: Using A Special Section In My Planner - Giftie Etcetera
  22. Yes, I got bored with my Malden look…! - Kelsie
  23. Filofax dilemma - She's Eclectic
  24. Filofax - Part Four - Anglers Rest
  25. Orange Filofaxes - This Bugs Life
  26. Jan-Dec photographic dividers for your Filofax to download and make - My Life All in One Place
  27. My Filofax - Making It Work - Roses in December
  28. New in: Personal Malden in purple! - Life of a dreamer
  29. Think Pink! - Kelsie
  30. my week round-up #24 - Paper Lovestory
  31. Gator, my new Filofax Finsbury - 3twentysix
  32. A5 Filofax or Personal Size? - Skinny Budget
  33. Philofaxy Magic - This Bugs Life
  34. Mmmmm....Mini! - My Filo World
Here are the latest Filofax Videos:
  1. Filofax Personal Inserts Comparison - Cape May
  2. What's in my Filofax June 2013 - katebtps
  3. First Filofax Video - Diary & Wallet Overview - Amanda G
  4. My Filofax setup - A5 Finsbury - iramrocks94
  5. Sean's Updated Setup (Pocket Chameleon Filofax) - LadyElizabeth24
  6. Household planner filofax - johannenevin
  7. Filofax Thoughts (Stickers) - Cape May
  8. My New Filofax a5 Finsbury and Setup - InkandStampIt
  9. June filofax personal domino update - sandrajohn27
  10. Pocket Malden (Crimson) Filofax review and setup - SecretAgentBover
  11. Sunday Chit Chat no.7 - My Birthday, Hauls & my Filofax Week - Adamsfilo
  12. Filofax metropol personal size - Part 1 - Carolin Eggern
  13. Filofax metropol personal size - Part 2 - Carolin Eggern
  14. Update look at my personal Filofax - bunniegirl83
  15. Clinging to my Filofax - Tracy Reinhardt
  16. Decorating My Filofax Personal Organiser - Week #25 - mypurpleylife

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  1. WOW, how exciting - I can't believe my video made it on the list I am honoured THANK YOU!I've beed reading philofaxy for awhile now and I actually made the list LOL :-) Inkandstampit

  2. Great! My video was able to make it to webfinds! Thanks! It still warms my heart to see my posts on here! =)

  3. Steve, please could you put my filofax decorations videos also here? I had one on june 15 and another one on june 19th.
    Thank you alot!

    1. Sure as long as they come up in the search results I will take a look, but increasingly Google/You Tube leaves videos out of the search results. It helps if you include Filofax in the title and description.

      I don't have time to check all the subscribed channels there are too many now.