25 June 2013

Web Finds - 25 June 2013

Here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. Filofax Inserts - Kelsie
  2. Return to the fold - Chocolate and Filofaxes
  3. Filofax Subsections - This Hobbits Life
  4. Franklin Fridays? Wha?? - My Big Bootyful Life
  5. My Finsbury Filofax - Holly's Creative Crafts
  6. So much stationery...so little time! - It's Bluetiger
  7. Filofax 2013: Bright Blue Calipso A5 Organiser - Lou Federer
  8. Mylo' s Filofax - Life of a would be Artist
  9. Brightening Up: Personalising Your Filofax! - Lou Federer
  10. Leather samples for my custom made organizer! What to choose? - My Filo World
  11. Monthly Dividers in my Filofax - Planning with Printed Portal
  12. Quick Organised Mum inserts week review - Life of Kitty
  13. My little trick with a paper clamp and a notepad slot - She's Eclectic
  14. 365/30: My favourite things in my Filofax are…? - Filomaniac
  15. Raspberry Saffiano Pocket Filofax Review! - The Wonderful Life of Alice
  16. New Filofax Diet Sheets, including A5 and goal page - This Bugs Life
  17. My Filofax is minty fresh... - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  18. Filofax Insert: BBQ Checklist - Planning with Printed Portal
  19. The “Calipso Twins” Have Arrived - The Zeitgeist of Zoe
  20. Planner help for the "unorganized" - Plannerisms
  21. Mein Blog-Planer - Filomaniac
  22. Journaling - It's My Life!
  23. Five Filofaxes - Roses in December
  24. My week round-up #25 - Paper Lovestory
  25. Filofax Travel Wallet - Wandrrlust
  26. A Year-Round Calendar - Lime Tree
  27. What I Use The Most In My Filofax - Roses in December
  28. Franklin Covey make over reveal. ;) - My Big Bootyful Life
  29. Pen/Ink/Highlighter Review - Stephanie's Filofax Life
  30. recent loot for my filofax - and then she read
And here are the latest Filofax Video alerts:
  1. Sunday Chit Chat No.8! Rambling, Filofaxes & More Rambing - Adamsfilo
  2. Make your own stickers and washi tape for your Filofax - Anna-Marie Hawthorne
  3. Gillio medium Compagna in fuschia :o) - Miauuu71
  4. Gillio medium Compagna planner update Part 1 :o)) - Miauuu71
  5. Decorating My Filofax Personal Organiser - Week #26 - mypurpleylife
  6. Unboxing of My Lavender Pocket Metropol Filofax - TeamFilofax719
  7. My first filofax video!!! - Amee Filo
  8. Filofax A5 Aston - Cape May
  9. Filofax Art Decoration - week 24 - My Summer Touch
  10. Filofax June Set Up (Slimming down Filofax) - mysummertouch
  11. Weekly setup for Week #26 - TeamFilofax719
  12. Filofax Metropol... Update... FINALLY! - empressdoinalot
  13. My current Filofax setup - puddytatpurr
  14. Holborn Personal Filofax - scrapjoy
  15. UPDATE! Filofax Set up - Metropol personal size - Carolin Eggern
  16. Straight-A Student Essential: The Filofax - LouFederer
  17. Blog and Filofax Update - Stevie Filofly
  18. Filofax - Make Your Own Flyleaf - Natasha Hensel
  19. A5 Life is Crafted Planner Inserts for Filofax - Mid Year Organizer 2013-2014 - Life is Crafted


  1. I think it is fantastic that you do this, I was one of the featured blog post that you did a while back and I hope my next Filofax post makes it to the list (i'm actually working on one right now!) Anyway, this is awesome, I just love the Filofax community!! Thanks again!!

    Avo (www.avoslife.com)

    1. Hello Tayyana.
      You will be pleased to know your blog is already loaded in to our monitoring system so we check every new post as they appear :)
      I have tried to automate the process now to make sure we don't miss any, I've also started automating the collection of You Tube videos too!
      Keep blogging.