13 June 2013

Read, Look, Watch, Listen and Interact....

There are so many on-line resources now from within our own community that keeping up with them all and absorbing the information, putting it in to action... oh and living a normal life is almost impossible, but let's try to sign post what is out there and you can dip your toe in during those hours in the day when you get some spare time.

Lots of blogs to read either on-line or off-line, naturally it is impossible to include every single one, but let us start in the obvious place first:

Philofaxy - I know you are here already, but did you know you can read Philofaxy via a number of ways. On-line just go to http://philofaxy.com and here you are.. You can also subscribe to the blog by email, pop your preferred email address in the box in the side bar, it will send you a confirmation email, then you will receive the blog posts once per day for you to read even if you don't have internet access.

You can also load the Yearbooks from previous years on to a Kindle or similar eReader and have hours if not days of reading pleasure on a desert island with no internet... as long as you can charge your eReader!

Twice a week we post links to as many Filofax and related blog posts as we can find, so they provide you with a 'one stop shop' for the best of all the posts from around the internet.

They say a picture saves a thousand words... and you can gain so much from seeing peoples different set ups, but where to look? Well Flickr is one of the best communities for Filofax photo sharing, pop 'Filofax' in to the search box and you can be there for days. I use the search term on my Apple TV as a screen saver!

There is also a Philofaxy Flickr Group there too with about 6000 images to browse through. However, pop Filofax in the search box and look for other groups too.

You Tube is the obvious place to get your 'fix' of Filofax videos, but you will have to be quite disciplined in what you watch there's enough new content to fill up any 168 hour week... and more than that!

Philofaxy has a channel there, with occasional videos and hints and tips.. sometimes a short video saves a lot of photographs and lots of words.

We also highlight and link to a selection of videos twice a week in our Webfinds posts. I try to avoid 'Haul and Goodies' videos, 'Un-boxing' videos and 'Vertical Videos'.  When you have seen one person pushing around and wrestling with a Jiffy bag single handed, holding their iAndroid camera phone in the other hand, you know you have seen them all really!

Subscribe to some of the notable channels from some our readers and you won't go far wrong, but who to include and who to leave out, here are some of my favourites... ok here goes!
  • Imysworld - For me the person who started it all off, Imy's relaxed and cool way of explaining anything takes a lot of beating. There have been many imitators, but none of them come close.
  • Adamsfilo - Adam from UK is slowly becoming a star in his own right.
  • My Purpley Life - If Washi Tape and stickers is your thing switch over to Jennifer's channel you won't be disappointed. She also does reviews of organisers too.
  • Joshua La Porte - Josh has his own way of telling you about his set ups, I'm sure you will gain some hints and tips from his experiments with different sizes and organsiers.
  • Tracy Reinhardt - Her silky voice will lull you whilst you watch the latest video of the changes to her set up... 
  • Kent from Oz - Hints and Tips... in a truly Australian Way.. the channel his son said would never get any viewers!
  • Filofax 'Filosophy' - Neil has some great tips on using other types of paper and some great ideas on GTD set ups using Filofax as well as other topics. 
  • TheGLOSSette - Fast talking and informative
  • KateBTPS - Kate is always trying out new things and sharing them on her channel
Ray Blake Podcast - Ray has done an occasional pod cast you can download and listen to. Details on his site here

There are a lot of places where you can interact with other Philofaxy readers. The obvious place of course is in the comments on each blog post including Philofaxy... please don't forget that. But what about elsewhere.

Facebook is the obvious place and there are lots of groups and pages there, just pop Filofax in to the search box at the top and you will find plenty of groups, too many to list really, because new ones keep springing up on a weekly basis.

Twitter - A lot of our readers are on Twitter too. There is a list of people on the @Philofaxy account

Google Plus - There is a small cross section of our community on Google Plus, many of them not on Facebook, so don't forget to check out Google Plus .

LinkedIn - It's Facebook for grown ups! And people interested in careers... that's not me then! But like the other 'networks' there is also a Philofaxy presence on LinkedIn


  1. OOoo I didn't know about the yearbooks! There's some happy downloading to be attended to.

  2. I'm at home with a broken ankle and a tablet ... yearbooks here I come! yay x

    1. Get well Soon Sarah!! You've got some enjoyable reading ahead.... which hopefully will make your recovery less stressful. Hugs your way! xx

  3. Everyone is welcome to join the FiloRAK FaceBook Group. Just PM me or send me email at josephdquinton@gmail.com

  4. Being a man in the female-dominated world of Filofax, I really appreciate the efforts of Adam Blaine, Kent Buchanan, and Joshua LaPorte for providing content from a male perspective! Thanks for your wonderful videos, guys!

  5. Question -- I signed up to follow the blog and signed in using my google email address. BUT -- I don't really use that email much at all. Is there a way for me to request that the posts come to another address? Thank you! Laurie

    1. Hi, yes you should be able to just put in another email address, verify that one and it should work. On the other account look for an unsubscribe link at the foot of the emails.
      If that doesn't work email me and I will take a look

    2. Just tried again and it worked!! Yay! Thank you Steve.

  6. I live in the Philippines and there are absolutely no Filofaxes here! I have considered buying online but the shipping cost is higher than the cost of the Filofax itself.

    I have sent an email to Filofax asking if they have plans to make their products available in my country, but they very politely informed me that they need an actual distributor to present a distribution plan for Filofax in the Philippines before they can start making Filofax available here.

    Oh, dear.

    1. Maryanne, can you order from Filofax Japan, Filofax China, Filofax Hong Kong or Filofax Singapore for cheaper shipping????

    2. Maybe you can order from Filofax Australia too. Also, eBay. I saw this website, they sell from Singapore. http://www.brandsfever.ph/Filofax/

  7. While I have gone back and read some of the older stuff and used the search box a ton, I did not know about the yearbooks. I will be downloading to my Kindle tonight. This blog is such a great resource. Thanks for all the work you put into it! Chicabooda

  8. Wanted to add. I keep Philofaxy open on my desktop (at work...shhh)and whenever I have a few minutes, I search and read an old post or read one of the blogs you've linked.

  9. Great post Steve! Top notch information! I appreciate the mention greatly!

  10. Dear Steve, I always love your posts and info that you share about filofaxes and I was wondering if you could do a post about the release dates for the new filofax ranges in the USA? I know you have a huge following here and it would be really helpful to alot of people. Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Jessica
      I will do my best to find out.

  11. Thanks for the mention Steve and nice compliment about my voice - It's so funny to hear people think that! My voice is the reason I didn't want to do videos but it's the thing people like the most. Life's odd like that :)

  12. I didn't even know about Joshua LaPorte. And Tracy, that's because you hear yourself from the inside so you sound different than you think!

  13. Thanks, Steve, for the mention!

    I am sad that the filo talk on Twitter has slowed so much; I have tried Facebook but just can't find much pleasure; it's so much harder to take in small bites; it just seems like wave after wave of information to process and is just too much work.