28 June 2013

Enthusiasts Collection

Since we met with representatives of Filofax in London last November, one of the topics under active discussion has been different design inserts either dated or undated. 

Filofax is inviting all enthusiasts to send in refill concepts as part of a competition - the winners of which will be credited with the new pack and see their ideas created, printed and made available widely to other Filofax fans via the Filofax website.

So we would like you to contribute some designs of your own that could be included in the Filofax range of inserts. This new range will become known as the 'Enthusiasts Collection' to honour our dedication and love of Filofax personal organisers.  

The Brief

Filofax has existed for nearly a century and although its usage has changed over the decades its appeal is still strong.

The first ‘File of Facts’ appeared in 1921 and since then it has grown and developed from a simple loose-leaf paper system and diary, into an indispensable business and personal accessory for many. The concept is as relevant now as it has ever been as people continue to use paper.  A Filofax personal organiser is unique to its owner.  The cover is an outward reflection of your personal style but even more unique are the papers you chose and how you arrange and use them.

Filofax would like to give enthusiasts the opportunity to create a diary or undated refill concept to become part of an Enthusiasts Collection.  This collection will be produced in a limited run and sold on the Filofax website/s.  Full details on how to enter are provided in this information pack.

When you are thinking about your design/format, bear in mind that the winning concepts will be selected in a Facebook vote. So, as well as being useful to you, you might like to consider its wider appeal.  You will have the opportunity, if you wish, to write a short overview of your idea – what it could be used for and who might use it etc.

Submission Details

1. Submissions may be made in the following formats:
  • Hand drawn sketch or illustration
  • Computer generated design.

2. A maximum of two colours may be proposed one of which may be a tinted background.  It is not mandatory to submit your entry in your proposed colours, but please indicate if you have specific colours in mind.

3. Submissions do not need to be exactly to scale, although should be designed with the personal size paper format in mind (95mm wide x171mm high). Filofax may decide to extend into other sizes if suitable.

4. Entries may consist of one or two different page layouts (ie two pages are required for week on 2 page diary format).

5. Filofax will decide the number of printed pages in the finished pack, however, entrants may propose total number of pages if this is integral to the concept.

6. Designs do not need to show the position of holes or any technical printing details such as gutter or crop lines.

7. Entries must be accompanied by the following information:
  • Entrants name, address, email and a contact phone number
  • Optional background (max 500 words) on your idea – how to use it, who might use it etc.

8. Entries may be received via email or post as per competition T&Cs

9. By submitting an entry, you agree to the competition T&Cs as outlined in the section below.

Stages & Timelines
  • Submissions by 12 midday (BST) Friday 30th August 2013
  • Shortlist announced Friday 13th September 2013
  • Winners announced Monday 30th September 2013

Announcements will be made on Filofax.co.uk and Filofax Facebook page.

Competition Terms & Conditions

1. Entries to be received by midday BST on 30th August via email enthusiasts@filofax.co.uk or by post: Filofax Enthusiasts  Competition, Filofax Group Limited, Victoria Gardens, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 9NB.  See entry submission details.

2. Entries will be reviewed by Filofax and appointed representatives of the Philofaxy blog community and up to ten shortlist finalists selected.  These will be announced on filofax.co.uk and the Filofax Facebook page on 13th September 2013.

3. Finalists’ designs will be posted to the Filofax Facebook page on 13th September and will be open to public voting for a period of two weeks in order to select THREE winning designs.

4. Winning designs will be announced on filofax.co.uk and Filofax Facebook page on 30th September 2013.

5. Filofax will be responsible for creating, from the winning design concepts, the finished artwork and finalising the product specification (number of pages, sizes and colours – max of two).

6. The three winning design concepts will be produced as a limited edition product on 70 gsm paper for sale on the filofax.co.uk website at a price to be established by Filofax.

7. No employee of Filofax or Philofaxy representatives involved in deciding the shortlist entries shall be permitted to enter.

8. One named entrant per entry.

9. Up to three entries per person.

10. Filofax shall market the product under the Filofax brand name as part of The Enthusiasts Collection.  No payment shall be made to the winning entrants.

11. Filofax shall decide on the number of finished product to be produced for sale.

12. Any repeated print runs shall be at the discretion of Filofax and will be dependent on the success of the pack.  For the avoidance of doubt, this means the item may only be printed once as a reprint may not be commercially viable.

13. In consideration of the promoter agreeing to consider entrants, each entrant hereby assigns to the promoter copyright and other intellectual property rights (including any rights in artwork, labels, designs, logos or text, including any goodwill) and any other rights, title or interest in the entry.

14. All entrants hereby warrant that:
i They are the sole owner of the intellectual property rights in their entry
ii They are free to assign those rights to the promoter; and no third parties hold
any rights, charges or interest over all or part of their entry.

15. All entrants hereby waive their moral rights, where such rights may arise under the copyright, designs and patents act 1988 in relation to their entry.

16. The winning entrants’ will be credited with their design concept in marketing material and on any packaging or in the pack itself and by entering the competition, are agreeing to this.

17. Any personal data relating to entrants will be used solely in accordance with current UK data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to a third party without the individual’s prior consent.

18. Entries received after the deadline will not be considered.

19. By submitting an entry, each entrant agrees to these terms and conditions. Promoter: Filofax Group Limited, Victoria Gardens, Burgess Hill, West Sussex

Company Overview

Filofax is part of the Letts Filofax Group with owned subsidiaries in the UK, US, Germany, France, Italy & Scandinavia and offices in Hong Kong. Over 30 distributors around the world make up Filofax’s international markets.

In the UK the Group principally operates out of two sites and has a flagship store in Conduit Street, Central London - a fashionable shopping destination and home to several designer brands.

Filofax is recognised worldwide – the logo symbolises quality, authenticity and innovation in our field.

In a world where technology is widely embraced Filofax strives to offer simplicity and a sense of balance. To inspire, through evolving and relevant product design, the use of stationery and technology accessories that work alone or side by side. In essence, to bring together paper essentials and digital devices - helping take the stress out of staying organised.


Filofax have asked me to point out that the competition rules need to be written to cover off legal aspects and so they can seem quite unfriendly.

However, the objective of the exercise is to give something back to the people who use Filofax products, who might miss some of the older inserts or would like to see particular inserts that are not currently produced.

The print run of this collection will be small and it will not be widely sold – only available on the internet. The creator will have their name associated with their insert pack on the cover.


  1. That's really interesting! I want to try it !

  2. Awesome!! Good luck everybody!!

  3. Some of the inserts designed by this crowd are awesome -- I hope you will all enter! And good luck to all! (I do think the winner should also be given the filofax of his or her choice!)

  4. Wow... that's awesome!! I hope limetreefruit applies!!! I love her colorful watercolor pages!

  5. What a fabulous opportunity for all the people who say 'I wish Filofax inserts looked like......'
    Can't wait to see the winning design

  6. This is very exciting...however, the fact that Filofax will hold the copyright and the winners get no recompense will rightfully give some pause.

    1. Agree too. Waiving your intellectual property right is like giving someone your potentially winning lottery ticket. My advice. Don't do it.

    2. I make my own designs and two colors is a no go. I would be more interested in a push for larger ring size on the personal and a change in paper thickness.

  7. Nice one Filofax! just when I thought the company was out of ideas they wow us with this. they find a way to exploit and insult the fanbase in one go, the winner gets some zero cost (and non transferable) kudos whilst the company keep the cash, being able to profit from our hard work AND using Facebook for free marketing.
    What a bold direction this company is taking.

    Im no longer sure my next Filofax will be a Filofax.

  8. This is a super opportunity! Good luck to all those that enter!

  9. "they find a way to exploit and insult the fanbase in one go"

    I thought this too. I've seen it elsewhere lately so it stuck out. Seems its what all the cool companies are doing these days. The least they could do is offer the winner some kind of real prize. Thought I'd missed something, tbh. Do the winners even get a pack of the finished inserts? Or do they have to buy their own design?

  10. I get a feeling you already know the answer. Sad but yes more and more of the big companies are going this way. More and more of the massive companies who are so far removed from their actual customers that the have no idea what they want. And consumers becoming so used to it that the mere mention of the word "win" or "facebook" gets them excited. Philofaxy, godblesser, has been encouraging people to improve, design, create , and share layouts for years and years, to fill the ever widening gap for the type of stock we want to buy. not for profit but for each other, and at no point have they thought abut making it cometetive either. My steamtank now empty. End of rant.

  11. Filofax have asked me to point out that the competition rules need to be written to cover off legal aspects and so they can seem quite unfriendly.

    However, the objective of the exercise is to give something back to the people who use Filofax products, who might miss some of the older inserts or would like to see particular inserts that are not currently produced.

    The print run of this collection will be small and it will not be widely sold – only available on the internet. The creator will have their name associated with their insert pack on the cover.

  12. I dont want to get you into trouble Steve, and Im sorry to use your amazing site as a sound board, especially after being quiet for so long but absolutely nothing stated above changes anything. We miss some of the older inserts for one reason. they stopped printing them so we print our own and there is no margin in that for them. Its great the new owners to want to actualy know what their customers want, its another to do it the way they've chosen to do it.
    Maybe if they spent some time actually reading the comments of the many many many lovers and users of filofax here to hear what it is we want instead of just jumping on the defensive whenever someone criticizes the brand would be a better way forward of everyone.

    1. Jordan
      Please email me at philofaxy at gmail dot com.

      Thank you

  13. I for one actually think this is a nice thing. Yes, you don't get anything but the inserts printer and your name on them, and yes Filofax will be cashing in on the concept, especially if it catches on. At the same time, however, I think it is nice they are actually involving Filofax users. Who knows, perhaps this is a first step towards the direction of actually letting users design and then order their own inserts? That would be what we ultimately want, no? Because each user have their own very specific needs and ideas and so no pre-printed inserts will really suit everyone. Oh, and for those angry with the greed of Filofax, using their users, really? It isn't all that much money we are talking about since we are talking about a small, limited edition run here.

  14. I sought additional clarification regarding paragraph 13 of the rules as shown above. The conditions of retaining copyright etc will only apply to winning entries not all entries.