15 June 2013

Web Finds - 15 June 2013

Important things first... I've entered a Filofax photo competition on behalf of Philofaxy and I would like you to 'Like' this Photo if you are on Facebook.  The winner (us) will receive several organisers to give away, which is what I will do if I win. So please vote for this photo now, thank you.

You have liked it haven't you.... ok now you can read the latest blog posts:
  1. FILOFAX or in my case FAUXFAX Free Printables - I'm Your Huckleberri
  2. Review of the Filofax Fusion - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  3. Life so far with my Filofax - One Fantastic Find by Rebecca
  4. Das Original - Filomaniac
  5. Free weekly habits tracker - now in Personal size - My Life All in One Place
  6. Update: My Project Planner in the Aston A5 - I'm a Filo Freak (and Organiser Crazy)
  7. Filofax Update; Part 1 How Am I doing so far? - My Filo World
  8. Organising my Filofax goodies! - Life of Kitty
  9. my current Smythson set-up - six months on - Paper Lovestory
  10. Vacation Week in My Personal Green Apex - Filo Cuteness
  11. How to Avoid Planner Overwhelm - Homemakers Daily
  12. Dasselbe in GrĂ¼n - Filomaniac
  13. Bagging A Filofax - Roses in December
  14. The latest edition... - It's Bluetiger...
  15. Stationery: Welcome Saffiano Personal in Purple! - Miss Mai's Adventures
  16. Filofax Stationery! - This Hobbit's Life
  17. custom revision Filofax personal sized insert - Paper Lovestory
  18. Set the Scene for Summer - Filomaniac
  19. New work diary for 2014 (designed by me!) - Paper Pens Ink
  20. Losing Weight the Filofax Way – update - Janet Carr
  21. Organised Mum inserts for Filofax. - Life of Kitty
  22. Hanging on by a sheet of Filo paper… - Wandrrlust
  23. Combining my loves - Filofaxes and photography - She's Eclectic
  24. Filofax Card Holder 'Hack' - Skinny Budget
  25. Diary Inserts — Week on Two Pages - Joakim Hertze
  26. Planning Forms for Filofax Personal - Joakim Hertze
And here are some videos:
  1. My filofax set up - janetdavies1993
  2. June update filofax personal domino - sandrajohn27
  3. Adding a second pen loop to your Filofax or planner - CraftRoomSecrets
  4. First Metropol filofax setup - MsJac0055
  5. Pocket Aston Filofax - TERIBERI2
  6. Make your own magnetic page holders for your Filofax - CraftRoomSecrets
  7. God Only Knows What I'd be without my Filofax - MrAngelJem
  8. Week 1.5 Filofax and iphone apps - FrillyLeela7
  9. Filofax Update - Stephanie xo
  10. Review of the Filofax Fusion Personal - Tracy Reinhardt
  11. How I Organize My Filofax - xxxmomheartxxx
  12. The Original Fluro Pink Filofax - alondrajuarez10
  13. Filofax Share A5 Imperial Purple Finchley - MegaDesignDiva
  14. Filofax Share and tabbed dividers - MegaDesignDiva
  15. Filofax A5 setup - Adriana Morales


  1. That's my morning sorted then, I'll be downloading Ray's habits tracker for a start.

  2. Steve, I made a new blog mysummertouch1.blogspot.com - coukd you please add me to your list?

  3. Steve, re the photo competition. I love your photo, how about using it as a new title image for Philofaxy for the summer?

    1. Nice idea, I've tried it, but the proportions of the photo don't easily lend themselves to be the header photo! I will see if I can adapt it and try it again.