26 May 2015

Free For All Tuesday No. 225


  1. I'm starting to learn the meaning, and benefits, of 'everything all in one place'. I find that I only carry one of my notebooks/binders with me at once, and that if I have, say, my research binder with me, I wish I had brought my 'home' binder with me. But I don't want to mix work and play- maybe I've just got to learn to carry two together!
    Do you guys split your stuff into different filos, or do you try to put everything in one? I'm not talking about planning specifically, but say binders you use to carry notes and information.

    1. I prefer different binders but using my planner as a 'hub'. I carry spare pages that I can transfer across when necessary, and I can always switch in existing pages I need. But if it was a big research project I'd probably just bring the whole extra research binder.

    2. I use an A5 Domino at home. It is my home/work big fella that contains everything from meal plans and home finance/budgeting etc, to different sections for all the work projects I am working on. For everyday, I carry a personal size Domino (just purchased a Malden in same size, can barely contain my excitement waiting for the postie!!!!). Inside this, I have my yearly diary and a spare notebook section. Once a week I transfer anything I noted and need during the week from my everyday filo to the "home" one. I will only take my A5 out with me if I really really need to! Its way too heavy!

    3. Besides the never ending issue of what size binder to use, this question of whether to use one or more binders is the next major decision that I'm dealing with now.

      In my work I go to lots of meetings over the course of a day/week for a variety of projects. So, meeting notes can take up a lot of room in a binder. On one hand, it's nice to have the project history with me, but on other hand, it uses up a lot of space.

      Been debating about whether to have a binder with sections just for diary/calendar, tasks/to dos, contacts, project lists, meeting agendas with for people I work with, and minimal notes. Then use another binder for all the meetings and other notes. Sounds reasonable at first, but then I think about having to take several binders with me wherever I go and it makes me a bit nervous about either remembering to bring all of them. Maybe it's OK if I have a small binder for the diary part and a larger binder for the notes?

      So, it goes....


    4. Hello Marc, I am playing with this idea lately and am glad to have my personal EDC in compact FF size and a Clipbook with A5 calendar and notes section for my work meetings & trainings together with an A5 reference binder. This way I only carry a small A5 into meetings plus have all the goodies later in my reference binder. There is also the Time System A5 binder that can be combined with a foldable calendar section that can be taken out of the rings and carried seperately in a smaller size. If I was a Manager with a 24 hrs meeting agenda, I would possibly go for the latter combination :-)

    5. I used to be very keen on using only one planner/binder system at a time, but lately I have been feeling that having one planner is too limiting, therefore I made a Midori Traveler's Notebook for myself to take notes and write down events for my blog. I like to bring both of these with me practically EVERYWHERE. I personally believe that putting everything in one Filo is definitely possible, put my personal preference is to use multiple planners at a time.

      PS: I actually just did a post on using multiple planners that Steve actually put on the Web Finds last week! You can check it out for some reference: http://liveloveplanners.blogspot.com/2015/05/my-view-on-using-multiple-planners.html

    6. Hi Feld Effekt,
      Thank you for all your helpful comments.....
      It's interesting that yo mention the compact FF and Clipbook A5 and A5 reference binder....as I tried something similar recently as part of my binder downsizing experimenting (have posted about it recently....). I've tried using a Rhodia 'meeting book' in A5 size. It is very nice slim wirebound notebook with perforated pages that can be removed and then punched to put in an A5 binder if you like. As I use fountain pens most of the time, I really like writing on the Rhodia paper....gives me the effect your referring to of carrying a smaller planner binder along with a larger page notebook for capturing meeting notes. Also, I bought the Time System kit a few years ago, so, still have a bunch of their various planning pages. Quite a nice system for work purposes.

      Hi Beth :D,

      Your system sounds interesting......will hop over to your blog to read your multiple planner post...... :-)


    7. I have too much stuff I want to keep and I don't like fat planner. As the time went, I bought new and new binders. My system is:
      1. compact size planner, which is my wallet. monthly, w2op calendar - comes always with me. (I hated to bring my big A5, when I needed to make an appointment, so I left it home. But I didn't wanted to move to personal size, because I love A5 size paper...)
      2. personal size "planner": this is always with me. in the kitchen, at my desk, on the couch... if I go away from home, maybe comes with me, maybe not, but no problem, I can write notes in my wallet binder, and replace in here. if I need a special note from this with me, I can replace to my wallet (shopping list)
      3. A5 size: 17 dividers system, similar to the 43 folders or tickler files system for time sensitive projects and other stuff. (I made videos and wrote blogpost about it) - I need this only when I make my plan, or at home when I have reference material here, not disturbing to have it separate.
      4. A5 size: infos and notes. with A-Z index - I don't need it every day, but it is by my desk, I can get it quick. (a very thin infos section I have also in my "planner" binder too, with such infos as my mobile pin code, I forget it always :D)
      5. A5: projects - not time sensitive stuff is in this binder. blog planner, homepage redesign project, and any other work and home and personal project, on what I'm working or plan to work later.
      This system works perfect for me! I know what stuff where is, I have the logic where to what put.

  2. One binder for me. I am experimenting with a Flex slim contacts booklet in back pocket for work info/codes/contacts to replace A to Z tabs in an effort to combat ring size issues.

  3. Since I switched to a pocket binder and decided to design my insert last year I have been enjoying more of a minimalist approach. I use one pocket binder to carry the components and information that I need. I keep other information in my large binder at home. I also like that the pages in my binder are close to personal size and are secure in the rings when I meet outside. Last year I bought several inserts even in the summer because I did not like the one I had. Now it is better for me to use one for the whole year.

  4. I have been searching for a zipped A5 organizer as a gift for a friend of mine ... I can't seem to find the right color to match the closure ...

    For example: Filofax seem to have all the A5 zipped closure in black/brown/tan ... the ones with bright colors are designed to hold a tablet within or with a button closure ...

    Anyone happen to have any recommendations on vendors that may offer more color options with a zipped closure? Or are there any vendors that may be willing to customize a planner ... matching colors with closures?

    Thanks a million!