05 May 2015

Web Finds

I know there are a lot of 'Web Finds' fans.

Firstly don't panic I'm not stopping them... but it is very likely they will drop back to just once a week on Saturday's, rather than Tuesday's and Saturdays...

Why? you might ask... read on.

1. For them to be worth publishing there needs to be more than just a handful of posts and videos. The number of posts available is out of my control, and in some ways the fewer the number of posts the longer it takes because I'm scratching around looking for suitable posts that really are to do with ring bound organisers each time. You might notice I flex the rules somewhat at times to keep the number of posts up to a reasonable number.

2. I'm going to be travelling quite a bit over the next 2-3 months so fitting them in whilst travelling isn't easy, not impossible as it is a web based system rather than resident on just one PC. But I'm supposed to be on holiday! But I will do my best to do one per week. Several in recent weeks have been put together late at night in a hotel room!

Todays post was hanging in the balance, there wasn't a flurry of posts overnight, so the posts will be captured and stored for the Saturday edition so nothing will be lost. 

Once life gets back to normal then I will look again at the number of posts we are seeing and consider re-establishing the Tuesday Web Finds posts.

Thank you...


  1. Steve,

    Understand your situation.....

    I do greatly appreciate your posting the 'Web Finds' regularly. Have found it to be a very helpful resource.



  2. Steve,

    Compleatly understand and appreciate the effort you go to.


  3. Steve, have a lovely vacation! Will miss the post, but don't worry about us adults - we can search the old fashioned way while you're away through youtube and google! Look forward to seeing you in the States!

  4. I understand and am perfectly happy with a weekly review. I love to sit down and "binge" on a bunch of posts at once from your web find posts, so I am glad you are not stopping them all together!

  5. I find I have a hard time keeping up with the twice weekly offerings lol! So this sounds ideal to me and far more reasonable for you. :-)


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