21 May 2015

Philofaxy London Meet Up - 16 May 2015

I am over in UK for a couple weeks prior to going to North America. The first half of our stay was in Gloucestershire for a couple Alison's book talks at book shops. Then on Friday we travelled down to East Sussex/Kent for another week.

This last Saturday we held a Philofaxy meet up in London.

A group of 10 of us met at Vapianos which is close to Oxford Circus. It was great to see some new faces as well as some familiar faces. Putting faces to names and comment names is always very pleasant. There's never enough time to have a long chat with everyone though... another time I hope.

We continue to go to this particular restaurant because of the simplicity of the ordering system there, the location which is good for most people to get to, oh and the food is great value for money too.

It was great to spend time discussing little else but organisers of all makes and types. Sharing and showing each other things too. Christa brought along a huge selection of inserts and dividers she wanted to give away, so I had a look through all of those and 'stocked up' on a few of the essentials!

The Van der Spek leather samples proved very popular once again, seeing and touching and comparing under natural light certainly helped with the choice for future orders for a few people I'm sure.

Steve, Max and Claudia in deep discussion! (photo by Paula)

We did the usual line up of organisers, a tradition at these events worldwide...

And we then lined ourselves up for some photos.

We packed up our things and went to battle with the crowds in Oxford Street calling in on Muji and Tiger. Some of us started to disappear home whilst others continued on to Selfridges. I shared my journey back to Kent with Paula.

I would like to thank everyone who came along on the day: Claudia, Max, Tracey, Paula, Jene, Karen,  Louise, Saz and Christa.

So until later in the year I'm sure there will be another UK meet up.


  1. Looks like fun! One day I'll make it (this is Hope Rebecca by the way - don't know why Google keeps putting R.L.!).

  2. It looks like so much fun. If ever there is a meet-up in Boston, MA...I'd love to go :)

  3. I'm in RI and would welcome a Boston meet-up!


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