22 May 2015

Free For All Friday no 340 by Laurie

Aside from the diary pages, what are the most important pages in your Filofax?

Mine are the pages I put between my month pages. I use the month on two pages with notes printables from Philofaxy. The back sides of the pages are lined, so I can splice pages between the months. This is where I put everything from finances tracking to planning holidays, travel and birthday parties. Packing lists, guest lists, bills due and more go with the month in which they will occur. These pages are so important for helping me plan ahead. I know where to find them, and when the time comes they're right where I need them.

What are the most important pages in your Filofax?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to ask and/ or discuss anything ring-binder related!


  1. I love that idea, Laurie! Also great for reviewing your monthly goals, tracking various activities etc. and looks good when archived. I was going to print new monthly pages anyway, so I will try this out. My most important pages after the diary section would be the notes section for brain dumping, keeping important reminders, lists, notes about my day etc.

  2. I agree Laurie, I love my master task list. I would say my next important piece of paper after that is my index because I always need to refer back to something, well maybe its my shopping list LOL. 3 hungry boys make sure I have that list ready at all times.

  3. Mine has to be all the passwords and account names for the multitude of websites, banking and security details that we seem to need these days. I have over 300 entries - typed and reduced to Personal size paper. I also keep my daughters entries as they never seem to remember their account numbers! Although these are all written in my Filofax organiser, I suitably encrypt them so they mean nothing to anyone who found them. Sometimes, they don't mean much to me either! I refer to these pages several times a day.

    I no longer maintain paper task lists or appointments but do keep my organiser open on the week on two pages for jotting down things that happen during the day.

  4. The Month page has to be the most important to me. So much so that if or when needed, I can just refer to those pages, and I know where and what's needed.
    Let me explain. I’ve printed a standard calendar grid on the left 2/3 of a Letter size, I'm US based so Letter size. The right hand third is left blank and punched so the page unfolds to the left. Here I write my dated month tasks and notes with a file location and reference codes. This has evolved to be more of a “brain dump” section that gets funneled to the Wo2P or A-Z File section. (Lists also live within the Files section.) When the page is unfolded and the Week spread is opened, I get both views. Coming from the FC world, I need the month index, so the back side of the page is used for this. As you can tell, these pages are DIYfish inspired, and the funnel procedure is inspired by the Planner Pad system. These have been working well for the last 2 weeks and fulfill my need to see everything at once.
    Yeah, the Month pages have to be my most important.

  5. In conjunction with my diary pages I am using small lined cards to write reusable shopping lists. I bought a sample pack of lined and grid cards long ago. I mark the items with a check in pencil and use the card again. I prefer to write permanent lists concerning packing and such instead of ad hoc ones. Also at times I would rather input a small specific list in my phone. I also use thin strips of paper that I can place in the flap of my Franklin pocket marker when I need to note something as I am looking at my week pages. In the process of streamlining I am still focused on my month and week pages. I am writing fewer lists and using technology more in combination with my binder.

    1. Since I drew my insert on lined paper I noted some mistakes in the process. First I would have an office supply store trim the paper. Then I would draw the layout. I drew the layout and then cut the pages with a Fiskars trimmer. The pages are not exactly even. I would also make sure that the pages are the correct size for dividers. I cut my month dividers after I finished my insert. The pages are too wide for the dividers. I could have made the dividers wider but then the tabs would protrude too far on the side. Overall I am pleased with the result. However I miss the convenience of placing a printed insert in my binder with no hassle.

  6. Great suggestion, Laurie, and good topic for today too.....

    Think either lined pages for capturing meeting notes and To Do's, would be next in line after diary pages....in A5, when I use it, I have some nice Time/System pages designed for meeting notes and projects, which are very helpful. Need to create something similar in smaller pages sizes.......one day....