04 May 2015

Old inserts Part Deux

Recently we looked at the old Data Sets that Filofax sold in the late 1980's which you could add to diary inserts of the time.

This week we look at other inserts in my small collection... but not before I declare that the contents of this post are the intellectual property of Filofax Group but used here for historical education purposes only and for no commercial gain.

A fold out budget planner

I love old maps, seeing the things that have changed. UK no M25 around London. Still East and West Germany until 1989

Do you have some old inserts in your 'collection' there were so many produced back in the 1980's? Another good source for seeing old inserts is the book Filofacts by Ian Sinclair.


  1. Nice to see all these Steve.
    One of the best items offered in the catalogues of the 1980s was an assortment, initially with one leaf each of all the types offered, and later with one of each of the hundred most popular types. I missed out back then, but was lucky to find such a "large assortment" later, as an unexpected treasure contained inside an old filing box that I bought.
    So I think have an example of most of the old leaves.

  2. The medical one is unbelievable! Did doctors REALLY use their Filofax to take patient notes? And then what did they do with them? Um... confidentiality anyone???

    1. Remember these date back to olden times... BI.. Before Internet... so I suspect when a Doctor went on his/her rounds they put in the sheets for the patients they would see and then update the records and put them back in a records file back at their practice

    2. I see people in the community so I have to take notes - in my Filofax of course (I don't use names etc and have my own shorthand that wouldn't really be decipherable to anyone else). When I am at my desk I type them into the electronic record and shred the paper.

  3. I had no idea there used to be so many different types of inserts! I found a note pad in a desk at my parent's home today, quadrille pad white with 3 mm squares for pocket organizers. Nice for tracking things, I suppose.