27 May 2015

Philofaxy Meet Up - Toronto - 18th July 2015

We are finishing the North America Philofaxy Tour in Canada in Toronto.

Toronto - Saturday 18th July 2015

So this is a 'calling notice' for people who would like to attend the Philofaxy Meet Up in Toronto

Please read all of the post before you apply for a place on the meet up.

When and Where

Saturday 18th July. Location is still TBD (To Be Determined).

Please feel free to leave any questions, comments, suggestions or feedback.

We would like to see who is interested in joining us so that we can get a good head count, so please let us know if you would like to attend.

Thank you, to Alan and Brenda for helping to organise this event.

How to book a place on the meet up

To get a place on the meet up you need to email: steve[at]philofaxy[dot]com and mark your email 'July 2015 Toronto Meetup', but please do not send it before Saturday 30 May 2015. Please only request a place if you are 99% certain that you will be able to attend on the 15th.

As places are allocated you will receive an email back again confirming your place on the meet up.

Please do not book travel tickets etc until you have a confirmed place. I will attempt to confirm places within 2-3 hours of receiving your email.

Additional Information

We will be in  Washington Four weeks before and Denver three weeks before, Los Angeles two weeks, Chicago earlier in the week.  We will be taking in a couple of Canadian cities as tourists before returning home to France.

Thank you... any questions?


  1. Hoping you have good weather!

  2. Couple of points:

    We will be going to Laywines - we're just not settled on whether the restaurant is before or after.

    I won't be surprised f Peter has some interesting things to show us.

    (Challenge: He SAYS his everyday planner is a Grace Scurr! I want to see it!)

    There is an "event" in the Canadian Planners, eh? Facebook group where some people have already signed up