13 May 2015

Van Der Spek Touch Me Model Range

The Van der Spek 'Touch Me' range of organisers are an 'off-the-shelf' range of leather organisers. They come in a limited range of colours but a wide range of sizes:
  • Junior - Pocket,  
  • Senior - near to A6 size, 
  • Standard - Personal, 
  • Manager - A5
The design of these organisers I think will suit a lot of people, they offer a full width back pocket on all sizes, with secretarial pockets, a zipped pocket and card slots too. The leather is soft and as the name implies you just want to touch it all the time! Did I mention they come fitted Krause rings too. 

I picked up a Standard and Senior model when I visited the Van der Spek workshop last month. 

The Standard and the Senior models side by side.

Both share the same internal layout. Secretarial pockets on both sides. On the inside front cover there is also a gusseted zip pocket, a full height slip pocket, business card pocket. The zip pocket easily takes a UK passport even on the Senior size. 

On the front of the secretarial pocket on the inside back cover there are six horizontal credit card slots and a single elasticated leather pen loop that takes most of my pens without any problem. 

And here you can see the full width back pocket. 

The Standard model takes Filofax Personal size pages. 

Fitted with 30mm diameter Krause rings, 25mm rings are also available.

The Senior size officially doesn't take A6 size inserts, but that didn't deter me from trying it. I took a stack of A6 size paper already punched and tried it in the Senior. It fits nicely, but the tabs on dividers do get close to the pen, so I have adapted my dividers to use top tabs instead. 

The Senior has 20mm Krause rings fitted to it, but it is quite surprising how many pages they will take.

I've set up the Senior size Touch Me with an A6 week on one page plus notes insert from the Philofaxy collection. I also adapted some To-do and Notes pages from existing A5 files.  Having used this set up for a couple of weeks I am really enjoying the A6 size.

As a comparison, here is a Pocket size Filofax Malden next to the Van der Spek Senior size Touch Me, a little bigger but the page size is just so much more useable compared to the pocket size pages. 

The current prices for the Touch Me range are as follows:
  • Junior - €72  
  • Senior - €78.50
  • Standard - €95 
  • Manager - €115
All prices are subject to VAT if applicable and shipping will in addition.  The Touch Me range is available on the Van der Spek website along with their fully custom range too.

There is a very active and friendly Van der Spek community on Facebook, come and join us

Further Information.

Web Site: http://www.vdsshop.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/VDSleathergoods
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vanderspekorganiserfans/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vdsshop/


  1. Very nice looking binders, Steve!

    Thanks for sharing them......

    I just received my custom vdS binders in Brandy Italian leather about 2 weeks ago.....beautiful looking and so well made.....and Petra was a joy to deal with....

    Unfortunately, I'm at least half way round the world from vdS, so, unable to have the pleasure of visiting vdS in person.....so, lucky you!.....although, being far away is probably better for my wallet.... ;-)

    What do you think of the vdS Cuero Tocino line of binders?


    1. They are very nice Mark, the leather is similar to say a Filofax Cuban or Classic in touch/feel but made to a higher standard I would say.

    2. That's very good to know, Steve.....


  2. Nice, but it's a shame the binder only comes in either black or brown. Too masculine for my tastes.

  3. Steve, I read somewhere VDS is going to offer new colours for the Touch Me range. Is it true?

    1. Yes they are, a light brown colour and purple.

      I will share the news with you when they become available.