11 May 2015

Organiser Sizes

People are sometimes confused by the different names of different sizes of organisers I've created the following tables to try to simplify the differences between Filofax, Gillio and Van der Spek organisers.

Van der Spek
Typical Ring Size
Mini 5 rings 19mm spacing As FF 5 rings and different spacing to FF
19 - 25.4 - 25.4 - 19mm
Pocket 6 rings  19mm spacing As FF As FF - Junior
A6 Never made in this size 6 rings 19-19-38-19-19mm Senior 
6 rings 19-19-38-19-19mm
Slimline   6 rings 19-19-51-19-19mm As FF but ring size 14mm  -
Compact  6 rings 19-19-51-19-19mm
As FF - Standard Compact
Personal    6 rings 19-19-51-19-19mm As FF - Medium As FF - Standard
A5 6 rings 19-19-71-19-19mm As FF - A5 As FF - Manager A5
A4 4 rings 80-80-80 mm As FF -A4

Model Size
Paper Size
Mini 67x105mm
Pocket 81x121mm
A6 105x148mm
Slimline 95x171mm
Compact 95x171mm
Personal 95x171mm
A5 148x210mm
A4 210x297mm
  1. Gillio are bringing out an A6 model, it was shown in prototype form at the meet up in March, it is not known at the time of writing this post when the A6 model will be in full production or if the model name will be different. 
  2. Van der Spek have A4 ring systems available in writing cases.
  3. A6 - 6 rings 19-19-38-19-19mm is the same as used by Mulberry and Sucess and possibly other manufacturers. The Rapseco punch has a middle setting for this ring spacing. 
  4. 19-19-51-19-19mm refers to the ring spacing using the centre of each distances between each ring. So the first three are spaced by 19mm between hole centres, then 51mm between hole centres, followed by another group of 3 spaced at 19mm between hole centres. 


  1. Thank you for these. I was extremely fortunate to find a small burgundy Filofax at a thrift store for $1. The ruler is marked 1988, and it's featured in the 1989 catalog. It has 4, 11mm rings which makes me think slimline, a secretarial flap on the left,. 1 vertical and 3 card pockets on the right. Oh, and it's stamped "Made in England" "Real Kid" and something else under the filofax that I can't make out. Any help in it's identification is much appreciated.

    1. Given it only has four rings my guess would be Pocket size rather than Slimline, what is the height of the organiser and what is the spacing between rings 1 and 4.
      To identify the model, take a look at our catalogue page there are some 1980's/1990's catalogues which will show the internal layouts of different models.

    2. The measurement between rings 1 and 4 is about 87mm. The binder measurements are 138mm x 100mm x 15mm. It's way past 10pm here and my eyes aren't picking out those little lines very well. Hope I was close.

    3. Carla - that's an early Pocket model before they changed the ring spacing. A lot of similar 4-ring models have been sold on eBay in the UK recently. Filofax no longer produces leaves (inserts) that will fit these early models, so stock-up soon!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Thanks for all the info, Steve....very helpful....

    However, when I check on the mini on the van der Spek website, it shows 5 rings in the binder.......


    1. Yes, you are right, but the spacing isn't 19-19-19-19, the top two and bottom two are the same spacing but the spacing to the middle one is different. I need to get Petra to verify what the spacing is.

    2. The spacing is different: 19 - 25.4 - 25.4 - 19 mm so three quarters of and inch and inch spacing. It is only available in Custom size.

    3. Van der Spek follows the ring spacement of the Dutch Succes brand mini binders.

  3. Oh, another bit that may help with identifying, it's an open binder with no clasp at all.

  4. Small error! Slimline has, of course, the same ring spacing as Compact and Personal
    Slimline 6 rings 19-19-51-19-19mm

  5. Steve and Tim, thank you so much for your help.I'm having fun with this little beauty.

  6. One correction, Steve. Gillio's "Slim" line is in fact the same as FF Compact (with 15 mm rings). As far as I know, Gillio doesn't have any Slimlines that are thin like FF.


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