14 May 2015

Philofaxy Meet Up - Los Angeles - 5th July 2015 - Updated

We are continuing the North America Philofaxy Tour with Los Angeles.

Los Angeles - Sunday 5th July 2015

So this is an updated 'calling notice' for people who would like to attend the Philofaxy Meet Up in Los Angeles

When and Where

Sunday 5th July. Location Tea Rose Garden in Pasadena, CA.

Time: 1:00 - 5:00 pm
Thank you, to Jennifer Reyes of www.mypurpleylife.com for helping to organise this event.

How to book a place on the meet up

Go to: Southern California Planner Meet-up where you will find a link to how to purchase a ticket to the event here

Additional Information

We will be in Denver the week before then we will be travelling to Chicago.

Thank you... any questions?


  1. I am so excited about this meet up! It's been in my calender since it was first brought up months ago :) I look forward to the chance to meet you Steve and other wonderful new planner friends! I made some great friends in one of the last meet ups. <3

  2. It would be so great to meet up with Steve and other like-minded friends. As it is the July 4th holiday weekend, it is too soon for me to say if I could attend. However, I will try.

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  4. I go to Tahoe for the 4th so this would be too much travel in one weekend but the next one in California will be the top of my action list.


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