02 May 2015

Highlights of April 2015

It occurred to me this afternoon that we go through the weeks in any month quite quickly (in my mind anyway) and I do wonder if people miss the odd post now and again. So here are the highlights of the month.

We finished off the Filofax catalogues in April, you will find a full list of them on the Catalogues page at the top of the site.

I shared with you my Filofax Convertible idea, taking out the rings and replacing them with Travellers Notebook style elastics, but being able to switch back again.

We up dated the 'Other Brands' list with some new ones and some that had disappeared in the last couple of years.

David Popely shared with us his thoughts on the re-written 'Getting Things Done' book by David Allen... which is still on my 'to be read list' .

I created some new A6 diary inserts for 2015. I'm actually using some too which I will write about sometime soon.

Anita has once again found herself back in an A5 again... welcome back!

I described how to go about two different ways of increasing the ring size in Gillio and other similar organisers.

I've started on announcements for Meet Ups in my North American tour coming up in a few weeks time with New York, and Washington. We finished off the month with a look at my visit to the Van der Spek meet up last weekend.

We also took a look at the old 'Data Set Inserts' from the late 1980's, we will look at some more old inserts soon.

And the following victims... sorry I mean readers went under the spotlight... Rachel, Chamberlyn Carol and Robert.  I'm exploring some new ideas for Readers Under The Spotlight, but we still need new people to come forward.

Finally we have a Philofaxy Skype Chat tomorrow.

Of course the Webfinds and Free For All TuesdaysFridays posts are always there each week, please join in the comments, everyone is welcome.

If you have a guest post idea, please contact steve at philofaxy dot com  or if there is a topic you would like to see us cover or revisit also please contact Steve.

I hope you find this post useful, please let us know in the comments and we will do our best to do a highlights post each month.


  1. Your Web Finds posts are my favorite! I love that you gather the links so I can see things I otherwise would have missed.

    I also find this post really helpful, too--I can't always get to my Feedly, so things get lost in the shuffle when I get too many posts backed up that I haven't read, and this helped me get caught up on your posts that I had missed!

    1. I'm pleased you found it useful, I came across a similar post on another site (not planner related) and thought it might be a good idea to do a summary post each month to help people catch up.