11 March 2016

Free For All Friday No. 382 by Steve

What will be in here on Saturday???? I will share with you soon. 
I'm here in Belgium with the Gillio crew for a meet up over this weekend. It is fun to meet people again and also to see people meeting for the first time who have only been in touch via Social Media before now.

The friendships that have built up never fail to amaze me and all because of our love of organisers.

It is Friday of course so you are welcome to discuss anything related to organisers and relevant topics. 

Have a great weekend. 


  1. Nothing like a meet up. I always enjoy your day after posts and photos! Those Gillios in the cabinet are gorgeous! That orange!

  2. Love, Love, Love those Gillios planners. You are tempting me to try a Gillio sometime! Enjoy the meet up. Maybe one day I can attend.

  3. I used a Filofax pocket binder in addition to my Franklin pocket one for a second. I intended the Filofax pocket one for some occasions that require a smaller binder. Because I did not prefer a few aspects I did not keep it. Unlike last year I designed one week insert for my Franklin pocket binder. I prefer it and one binder in a particular size.

  4. Did Filofax UK remove some items from the Mini range? The website says there are 17 items available, but I only count 13.

    1. Creamy - not questioning your arithmetic but I've just counted 1 organiser (half-price!), 10 dated refills and 17 papers and accessories = 28 Mini items...

  5. I meant the paper and accessories page, and now there are indeed 17 there. Perhaps they were doing some website maintenance when I accessed it before.