09 March 2016

The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Plannerverse - Episode 4

Using Your Planner To Create Small and Permanent Habit Changes.

Show Notes (timings approximate)

02:00 - Life's Lessons
03:30 - Successes in life
05:00 - Small and permanent habit changes
07:30 - Drinkaware
10:45 - Time Management (your own)
11:45 - Journal
13:00 - Life in Balance
16:00 - Don't undersell yourself
17:00 - Focus on what isn't working
18:15 - Writing down and setting tasks
20:15 - Start small....
23:15 - The Perfect Day..... what would it be like?
24:00 - Dashboard
26:00 - Tips of the week
29:00 - Thanks

Episode 4 - Using Your Planner To Create Small and Permanent Habit Changes.

A direct download is also available here: Episode4.mp3

Presenters - Steve Morton and Karine Tovmassian
Our Websites: http://philofaxy.com and http://thestreamlinedlife.blogspot.com

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1 comment:

  1. I loved this podcast, I ended up making two pages of notes with ideas of how to progress. I love the 'success and stagnation (not failure)' quote that Karine said (actually there were quite a few things she said that resonated with me!). Thanks guys xx