10 March 2016

Today Marker

I needed a Today Marker for my A6 organiser. I've had a few different solutions, I tried adapting a personal size one, that sort of works. You have to punch extra holes/slots in it and then you end up with ones that aren't used and you also have to shorten it to fit as well.

A Pocket Today Marker also works without any extra holes being punched but it needs extending a little to work. So not ideal.

So the other day I decided to make one from scratch. I had a personal one which I had been given years ago by a company selling DAT recorders! So I scanned it in and tidied up the image a bit and then imported it in to Word and added some extra info.

You can download and print off the paper template from here in .docx or .pdf formats.

Cut out the paper sheet, fold in half lengthwise and then laminate it and then punch it and cut slits in the edge and there you have yourself a Today Marker. I made a couple before I got the dimensions right.

You can use the reverse side for important numbers or any other information you need to hand.

You can of course adapt this for personal size or make it narrower if required.

1 comment:

  1. Your ruler looks nice especially with the conversion table. I have a Franklin pocket ruler in my Franklin binder. It is visible only at the top of the binder but has a flap.