30 March 2016

The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Plannerverse - Episode 6

Planners on the go - Travelling with your planner

Show Notes (timings approximate)

01:35 - Organisation for different trips - Business
02:30 - Making your trip less stressful
03:10 - How long will you be away for?
05:00 - Steve's packing lists
06:00 - Using UPS to ship clothing
07:10 - The Travel List app
08:00 - What type of organiser/planner to use whilst away
09:50 - Collecting information about locations
10:40 - Using a Zipped organiser
11:30 - Don't check-in your planners
14:00 - Planning whilst you are away
14:30 - Journalling whilst you are away in a Travellers Notebook or Filofax
15:30 - House planner for the house sitter
17:00 - Travelling with a fountain pen - Uniball Vision Elite
18:45 - Trip to Belgium recently
20:15 - When you get back home
21:15 - Transferring notes to your main planner
24:20 - Collected business cards, what to do with them?
25:00 - Linkedin
25:50 - The correct size of planner for your trip is crucial.
26:20 - Use packing lists for the return trip as well.
27:25 - Use a travel wallet - Filofax Bromley Travel Wallet
29:33 - The end of this episode.

Episode 6 - Planners on the go - Travelling with your planner

A direct download is also available here: Episode6.mp3

Presenters - Steve Morton and Karine Tovmassian

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  1. Perfect timing for our overseas trip- thank you Karin and Steve!

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  3. I can thoroughly recommend the Fisher Space Pen....the compact size would be perfect for the A6, but it "upsizes" to a full size pen when you put the cap on the handle. Excellent writing in any conditions, such as rain, or in zero gravity (if you're a bit of a space-person).

  4. The Bullet is the one that I prefer / use, but they come in various guises.

    Rather than post a link to an external website, just Google it....

    Fisher Space Pen

  5. This was another fantastic podcast. I've had good experiences traveling with my personal Holborn and my pocket Malden. Both have pockets that hold my passport, and the Malden has the back pocket I can use for currency. I've used the Holborn for notes, travel info and the like, and then I've used the pocket Malden as my travel wallet. I added the plastic card holders and used the diary section to note where I was going or little notes from places I visited (museums, cafes, etc.) on the go.