01 March 2016

Free For All Tuesday No. 265


  1. Hi. Is it possible to use MiracleBinder paper punch to make custom inserts for Filofax Notebooks as they lack one punch hole in the middle?

    1. I've not compared them, but may be if they are different you could punch one end and then flip the page over and punch the other?

  2. Hi, Steve - I know I've asked before but I've never followed up on our conversation - I have a seven ring Franklin Covey binder (1.25" rings) I'd like to replace with an A5 six-ring configuration. I checked today and it DOES have the hex screws. But after watching your video on replacing rings I'm not sure how/if I could replace these with the rings from Van der Spek. What do you think? I would rather not destroy this binder in the process... it's really nice. But I would also love to be able to use it with the six ring components I've been acquiring since using Filos.

  3. Hello Steve,
    Is there a way to spot a fake butterfly Filofax?