02 March 2016

The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Plannerverse - Episode 3

A Multi Plannerverse:  Getting on with two or more planners.

Show Notes (timings approximate)

02:00 - Other uses for Filofax organisers
03:00 - The modular life style design
04:00 - What works for you
06:00 - Non leather organisers
07:00 - Steve's A5 set up
11:00 - A6 Diary insert
13:30 - Deskfax
17:00 - Work and Personal planners
17:20 - Monthly insert for blog post planning
20:00 - My Life All in One Place or in Steve's case.....
20:45 - The A5 size Man Bag or the smaller bag
23:01 - Changing your planner as your mood changes
23:30 - Travellers Notebooks
25:00 - Travellers Notebook Times
27:00 - Conclusions... there are no rules
27:50 - Tip of Week- Streamline your set up. Reserve some time to sync your planners (paper and electronic.

Episode 3 - A Multi Plannerverse:  Getting on with two or more planners.

A direct download is also available here: Episode3.mp3


Presenters - Steve Morton and Karine Tovmassian
Our Websites: http://philofaxy.com and http://thestreamlinedlife.blogspot.com

As I was editing this post this morning I came across a recent video by Haley Cairo, who recently went from using multiple planners to a legal notepad.  Take a look.

How To Get More Done When You Are Stressed + Overwhelmed | MINIMALISM Planning Routine - Haley Cairo

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  1. Is there a downloadable .mp3 version of episode 1 of the HHGttP podcasts?

    1. I will add a link to the post.

    2. Now available. Please check the link in Episode 1.

  2. Hi Steve, I don't know if you can control this or not, but is there a way to skip ahead in the episode from this page or do I have to download it to do that? I listen to the podcasts via the website, but can't skip ahead to where I left off if I have to stop in the middle of the episode?

    1. Yes put your mouse on the moving cursor in the player and drag it left or right to the point you wish to listen from or to move back and forth.