17 January 2020

Free For All Friday - No 584 by Steve

Our first daffodil came in to flower this week... Daffodils in January always seems a little mad to me. But that is one of the side effects of living a bit further south than we used to I guess.

Do you record the weather and other events that happened in your garden so you can compare one year to the next?

Of course it is Friday so feel free to discuss anything organiser related.


  1. Just added Rocketbook pages (do a search) A5 (reduced from A4 with their free templates) to mine - there is a free App for IoS and Android that allow you to save pages to things like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Email etc. Nice way of making searchable PDF backups of notes.

    Might be useful to others? I think that is because it is raining outside here and I'm in fiddling mode!

  2. Steve,

    I don't track the weather, but I do use my Filofax to track habits (or things I want to become habits). However, I really think of it as a way keep myself from "breaking the chain," not as a way to monitor my progress. Based on your idea of comparing the weather year to year I am wondering whether I should be comparing the progress on my habits year to year.

    Are there folks out there who are tracking habits in their planners in a way that is conducive to the type of year over year comparison that Steve describes?

  3. I don't track the weather, but do look it up for the next day and put into my planner, as the number of times I have been too hot, cold, or rained on are too many to count. I can then plan my clothes for the next day. Tonight, for example, have got the thermal jamas on, as there is a severe frost due here overnight.