27 January 2020

Organiser Sections

What sections/dividers do you use?

I based my divider sections on an old article by David Allen of GTD fame. The free article is no longer available on his website, it has been replaced with a paid for article, which goes in to more detail than the previous one.

You can find the current 'Setup Guide' here.

I have been using the following sections for nearly 10 years
  • Notes In - This is a simple section with a few pages of lined paper for immediate notes to capture things on the move. 

  • Planner - This is my Enhanced TM Week per View for all my future and daily planning requirements. 

  • Blog Planner - I use a Month on One Page adapted to the routine schedule of the blog posts.  

  • To-Do - I use these sheets for long term goals, so I have a 'House' sheet, 'Personal' sheet etc, on those I just list the headings and some details of things I hope to get done in the coming year. 

  • Notes - Stuff I jot down for projects, Philofaxy posts, random websites to record them somewhere before I file them some where more appropriate. 

  • Information - This is where I store my maps and reference information. 

  • Address A-Z- All of my contact sheets printed off from a Word document that I merge from my Apple Contacts application. 
I tend not to carry lots of spare sheets if I can help it. Overall this keeps the weight and bulk of the organiser within sensible constraints. 

When I go on my 'travels' I break out the first three sections in a compact A5 along with any specific pages from the Notes and Information sections. 

I treated myself to a new set of dividers, the old ones were looking a little 'tired' after many years of service!

What sections/dividers do you use?


  1. I don't suppose you have reference to, or a good idea of the old, simplistic article do you Steve?

    1. The old 6 page PDF was replaced by the new 28 page pdf I linked to in the post.

  2. I am yet to find a decent world map to pull out for my A6 binder, not that I use it much, but still good to have there. Anybody got any ideas of a supplier or printable? Thanks. BTW,Steve, your article encouraged me to re-jig my sections. A bit too many tabs happening. Simplified now.

    1. Do a search for World Map on Google and print off a high res image file on to A5 paper. I do the same for most maps I need to carry.

  3. Thanks Steve I will try that out. xx

  4. I’ve always been a key Time Manager (TMI) follower and used their organiser sections set-up for over thirty years! As I’ve used my iPhone more and more, I’ve rationalised my sections in recent years. For example, I don’t now keep phone numbers or addresses, or don’t forget reminders on paper.

    The standard TMI dividers were:
    Diary - sub-divided into plans, schedules and don’t forget
    Tasks - sub-divided into goals, 9 key areas and bright ideas
    Information- sub-divided into notes (blank pages), telephone numbers and general info

    My rationalised dividers are:
    Diary - long range plans and schedules
    Tasks - goals and 6 key areas
    Information - notes (blank pages) and pre-printed information

    1. I am curious really as to what the six key areas are!! xx

  5. This reminds me that I desperately need to go through my planner and reconfigure it--I have tabs for things I don't use anymore. Time to update how it's set up!

  6. There, much better. Thank you, Steve for the reminder--I really needed to go through it and throw out stuff. Here is my improved setup from front to back:

    Calendar pages, currently January-March
    Check registers for different bank accounts
    Franklin Covey compass cards
    Monthly bill template pages
    Notes; a real mishmash. Everything from auto maintenance notes to tracking church giving, to a page of what shoes I want.
    A section of blank pages for scratch paper
    Shopping lists
    Travel notes
    Websites, i.e. logins and passwords (too many)
    Some plastic inserts--photo/business card holders, zip pouch
    And in the very back: the rest of the year's calendar pages.

    Feeling pretty good now as I was able to throw out a lot, slim down the planner and make more sense of it.

    1. It was renewing my own dividers that prompted me to do this post. My old ones had got a bit bent and bashed when travelling!
      There was only one I renamed, but all the others remained the same as shown.
      It's a good exercise to go through at least once a year, see what you are carrying and do you still need it or do you need to update it etc.

    2. I agree entirely--I was able to get a lot of outdated material out and rationalize the setup. It even looks better now, much more orderly. Life gets away from you and things get out of hand, and you could see it just from looking at the planner...much better now. Must remember to do this periodically.

  7. I'm using the GTD format dividers:

    - Notes In (like a brain dump section)

    - Calendar (Yearly, Monthly, Weekly)

    - Next Actions

    - Agendas

    - Projects

    - Waiting For

    - Someday

    - Focus

    - Reference Info

    - Contacts

    - Index (think I added this one to the list of sections)

    Think the GTD Setup Guide is a worthwhile investment, if you have any interest in the GTD system.


  8. 1 is me (health, fitness, hobbies etc), 2 is everything to do with my family and friends, 3 is my possessions (home, car, cycles etc.). 4, 5 and 6 are my business with 4 being day-to-day management (previously split into four key areas), 5 is marketing and 6 is long-term strategy.