20 January 2020

Old vs New

Do you ever get people commenting about you 'still using an old Filofax' ??

I am sure we have all had some form of similar comment, and we all have our own replies!

Well today instead of using my all singing all dancing super powerful, mega expensive Apple iMac computer to create this post, I'm using my oldest internet connected machine in the house.... at just over 20 years old, a lot has changed in the world of computing, yet in the Apple world it is also familiar, much like your Filofax of say 100 years old!

The machine is an Apple PowerMac G4 with a 350 MHz (not GHz) processor and just 896 Mb of RAM memory!! Yes it's quite slow compared to modern standards, but it works quite nicely. But I got the question from Alison 'Why are you using that old machine!'

Unlike my Filofax though I had to refer to a book to discover how to do a few things! But it's quite a special book, in the acknowledgements there is thanks to our own Nan Barber!


  1. A G4! I had one, along with the aqua predecessor, G3. They’re both long gone but it was startling to realize 20 years have gone by! We still have a functioning 2009 G5 “cheese grater”, used for burning the rare video DVD.

    I don’t get comments on my planner, probably because I have my phone nearby, where I schedule everything. Paper is tasks and notes, for me.

  2. Those ol' G4's were great machines, Steve....

    I still have mine (looks like your photo)sitting under my desk...fired it up a few years ago, when I needed to retrieve an old file.

    Such a great piece of industrial/product design. Makes it hard to part with it.


  3. So funny to see that! I loved working on those books (I still do, but only in the final stages of Production). I had the same G4 model, but I've used an iMac ever since 2010. So technically, that's also an old computer.