31 January 2020

Free For All Friday - No. 586 by Anita

I must admit that I've been struggling to find some inspiration for today's post as winter is not my favourite season, so January always feels like a long and tough month. Consequently I try not to schedule any bigger personal projects to work on and instead focus on self care and decluttering. I've been doing a month of daily yoga and meditation, and have been slowly decluttering files on my computer and generally tidying up around our home. I'm still using my simplified set up (since 2018) and haven't felt the need to make any changes as it just works. As we progress into spring in the UK, I will then start looking at what else I'd like to get done during the year and then maybe consider making any required tweaks to my set up.
Do you do something similar with either your calendar or set up in the winter months?

And as always, please feel free to discuss anything Filofax or ringbound organiser related.
Have a great weekend. 


  1. January i =s always a long tough month for accountants everywhere, and here it has been no exception. It's been a tougher January than some we've had in the past, and I can say with 100% honesty that I (and we) wouldn't have got through it without my Filofax - there are just too many things to 'fall through the cracks' otherwise.

    Now that the last tax returns have been filed, I'm planning on revisiting my setup, resetting my goals, and treating 1st February as the new New Year here.

    First, though, I'm off for a bottle of decent fizz!

  2. It seems I'm looking for the unattainable. I love vertical, timed, weekly layouts, and I also love Personal size, but apparently these two don't go together. And since I'm too stupid to generate inserts like that for myself, I'm stuck with the chunky A5 size. It's really too bad, because I'm using the Saffiano Zip as a wallet, and it would make perfect sense to put my planner pages in there as well.

    1. I believe you can find these on some of the Europe a Filofax sites, maybe France and Germany. Otherwise Etsy is your friend

    2. Hi Dominique, where are you located? In the US or Europe? I use a vertical W2P with time from 7am to 7pm plus space for later appointments in my compact FF. The insert is from Chronoplan and the text is in German, but one American girl who lives at one US-military-base mentioned she would have this German insert too and that she did not find it too difficult. Monday= Montag, Tuesday=Dienstag, Wednesday=Mittwoch, Friday=Freitag, Saturday=Samstag, Sunday=Sonntag. Oh wow, I tried to find one example for you but it seems that all the vertical week inserts are gone, not available anymore, whilst there are plenty in A5 size. I always purchase my inserts for the next year in October and now can see what a problem it can be to search for a certain type of inserts at a time when they are not available anymore. But here is a link to Avery-Zweckform (the German branch of Canadian company Avery, with the kind of vertical week I use: https://www.avery-zweckform.com/produkt/chronoplan-wochenplan-50540

      Good luck!

    3. To avoid any confusion: it's actually a horizontal week on two pages with vertical time columns.

    4. I'm in Europe, so the language is not a problem as long as the week starts on Monday. I think I've seen a video by the US soldier you mentioned, because the inserts you linked to seemed kind of familiar. Alas, they're not available anymore! They would have been almost perfect. The space sacrificed to the to do box could have been used to expand the timeslots.