09 January 2020

Time to put your Organiser on a diet?

With Christmas out of the way,  I see that a few of you are doing Weight Watchers and other healthy and diet type things.

January arrives... new diary... new goals and all that stuff and 'Oh I must go on a diet' 'I can't get in any of my clothes' ..... where did I put my waist band extender...?

What else do you do at New Year.....???

You suddenly grab those nice new 2020 diary inserts that you have had since August. Click open your Filofax rings.... using both the tabs of course and then you slot in the whole 12 months in one go.

You try and close the rings... using both hands and then there is a problem... your Filofax has now 'bulked up' like a Michelin Man....

Time to put your Filofax on a diet too.... here are some tips...
  1. Don't put in all of your diary insert, only put in as much as you need.. 3, 4, 6 months at a time. 
  2. Supplement your diary insert with a Year Planner for the more distant events and appointments. 
  3. Archive previous months as they pass.
  4. Don't carry lots and lots of spare pages, only enough for the time you will be away from your stash of inserts and goodies.
  5. How many sheets of stickers and sticky notes do you really need to carry? 
  6. Do you really need to carry maps and tube maps when you have no intention of going on the tube for several weeks?
  7. Do an annual or bi-annual review of all the pages you are carrying, check the names and addresses pages too. 
You have done all of that But how much is too much in a Filofax? 

If you open your Filofax with all the pages to one side and you can just see the join in the rings, then you are most probably ok.

Any more than that and you will start to have problems turning pages. If you are seeing the inside edge of the paper getting folded and creased that is another sign that you have too much paper in your Filofax.

If you are using Personal size, then remember you have quite a range of ring sizes from 11 mm to 30 mm to choose from for however many pages you want to carry.

Mr Malden above has been relieved of all those excess pounds... sorry pages after the photo was taken!


  1. Great reminder and list, thank you. #5.. never enough stickers.. just kidding.

  2. I feel quite strongly about this topic. I never understand why people carry around a whole year of weekly pages when it's so rare that you need to log something that far, surely monthly pages are sufficient?

    Rant over ��