21 January 2020

[UpDated] Diary Inserts - Issue with the latest version of Word

[UpDate] Microsoft acknowledged this issue and the latest up date to version 16.35 for Mac has solved the issue. 

If you are using an Apple Mac and you have recently updated MS Word to version 16.33 you might be seeing some odd things if you try to edit any of the Philofaxy diary inserts.

Version 16.33 seems to not take notice of the merge field codes, so instead of day date month you get the full date three times e.g. 112020 112020 112020 instead of Wednesday 1 January or on some inserts instead of the date it inserts ####

I noticed this on two different Macs both running 16.33.

However, open the same files on my Windows 10 Mini PC also running MS Office the files looked perfect.

I haven't checked all of the inserts to see what the impact is on each one, with well over 100 in the collection it would have taken quite a bit of time!

I have reported this issue to Microsoft, but no response yet. In the meantime with the help of my Time Machine backup I have rolled Word back to version 16.32 from about December 2019 the update to 16.33 was earlier this month.

I've also turned off Auto Updates where it was automatically checking for an update, downloading and installing the update.

Once the next version of Word comes out I will retest it with the files and let you know if the issue has been fixed or not.

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