06 January 2020

What was the name of that model?

How many times have you seen questions about particular models, or other models that also have a certain size of rings or a wallet back pocket.... the list goes on!!

Well help is at hand for all of these types of questions.... FiloWiki. This is a site created and managed by our friend Robert Mayr.

On the site you will find one of the most comprehensive listings of all Filofax models that I know of.

If you have any information that you would like to contribute to FiloWiki, please contact Robert I'm sure he will welcome more input.

Add in all the old catalogues here on Philofaxy and hopefully you should be able to find an answer to most questions easily.


  1. Hi Steve, I have an older Filofax which I'm not able to identify. Could be either a Devonshire or a Babylamb. It is embossed beside the pen-holder
    Made in England
    7BLF 7/8"

    As the pictograms Babylamb (catalogue France 1991) and Devonshire (catalogue UK 1993) look rather similar would it be possible to send some photos to you?

    Thanks a lot and all the best from Germany, Frank

    1. BL was used to denote Bridle Leather, but I’ve not come across a model using that with 7 pockets. The fact that a model number is used at all suggests something slightly older than those catalogues.

    2. Thank you, I've upped some photos here so maybe it can help more: https://is.gd/ogabof

      Colour is dark burgundy and the leather is very soft. There's another embossing in the closure "LHD".

    3. The LHD marking under the clasp is the Quality Control marks, they indicate the location, month and year of manufacture

    4. Hi Frank - from the pictures it does look as though a date in the early 90s is more likely, as you thought. And Bridle leather would generally be thicker than yours seems to be.

    5. As you probably know, the code 7 BLF 7/8 stands for 7 pockets made of Bridle Leather with Fastener and 7/8” rings. The three digit codes started being used in around 1991 when Filofax started outsourcing manufacture overseas and needed to better identify where and when a particular organiser was made. LHD suggests a late UK manufacture in August 1994 but the codes aren’t always logical! All the Devonshires I remember were in Nappa Leather and date from the early 1990s.

    6. Thank you all so much! Much appreciated! <3

  2. I so wish Filofax would do an A6 model. Their croco pocket in fawn is totally divine!! I have had to source from VDS crocos but would love an A6 like the Filofax Fawn, comparable. I can but dream, eh. xx