19 January 2020

Silent Sunday

Crimson personal Malden and 'helping' with photos again


  1. Anita, I'd love to see your planner layout. You are well known here in the planner community and seem to know what you are doing planner wise! Hence my question here. Have you done any flip throughs or You Tube vids? Thanks for any info. xx

  2. Hi Butanben,
    I'm still using my simplified set up in my Van der Spek:

    For many years before that I'd been using my GTD based one:

    I rarely make any changes to my set up as both of those just work for me & have been in the simplified one for nearly a couple of years now! However, I plan to move back to the GTD one as I want to start focussing more on completing projects & they feel a bit lost in the simplified version xx

  3. Thanks Anita. Question answered. xx