25 December 2010

Miniature 4 colour pen

So imagine my surprise and delight when in my Christmas cracker today, out fell this miniature 4 colour pen. In the photo the larger one is a regular size one, the small one will be ideal for a Pocket or Mini Filofax of course.

I was reading Laurie's post recently on Plannerisms about the Bic 4 colour pens and how she uses them on her planner.

I started to think about using one in a similar way to show different phone numbers in my contact lists. Colour coding them for Fixed, Mobile, Fax and email addresses. I intend to update and redo my address and contact pages in my Pocket Filofax/Wallet between Christmas and New Year....

Whilst looking for the Bic 4 colour pens on Amazon, I also came across the Pen clips that might be useful for an organiser where you need more than just one pen loop.


  1. Ohhh I've been using those pen clips in my pink Finsburys, never thought to share it with you all. lo

  2. Your mini pen looks like a Tombow. I've been looking for a multi colour pen for my Finsbury and have found Cult Pens (www.cultpens.co.uk) a great source. They have a wide range at all prices and the service is excellent. I eventually bought a Lamy multifunction pen in silver from them which looks really good against the gorgeous purple of my organiser.

  3. Thanks for the link Kate, I've added it to our suppliers page, they have an excellent range of pens and pencils don't they... I will put together an order after the holidays I think.

  4. A 4-color pen is one of the first things I remember asking for for Christmas, when I was about six. (There were also normal things like a doll that wets and a kitten.) I remember such things were harder to find in those days, but my Dad spent a day downtown finding one. It was all metal. Six-year-olds aren't very good at taking care of things, so I no longer have it.

    Since then, I've used several of the plastic Bic 4-color pens. I remember at my first job after college I was a purchasing agent, and I used the different colors in my notebook for price, order date, ship date, etc.


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