06 April 2011

Guest Post - I'm all of a Quiver - Butanben

I am all of a Quiver!!!

Having recently downsized in weight from an A5 red Graphic Zipped Filofax, to a lighter plain brown A5 Graphic, one problem soon emerged, and that was, that although my new Graphic had two pen holders, they would not accommodate two Frixion pens and still let the front popper close. Two pens are a vital requirement for me, as work stuff is written in my diary in blue Frixion pen and social/ family events in pink. For those of you not aware of the wonders of Frixion, it is a gel pen which rubs out and which is possible to re- write over. Utterly useful when using a Filofax to record and amend appointments. I was loathe to give up my new Filofax, or the beautifully coloured pens.

After some investigating and searching via Google, I came across a solution to my problem; Quiver pen holders. They are beautifully made, hand- crafted in the softest leather and come in shades of light tan and black. Quite frankly they are a work of art and just lovely. Originally, they were designed for Moleskine notebooks, and come as a single pen holder, or a double, and are available in both small and large sizes.The single is more expensive, as it has a double elastic strap, to fit over the front and back of a notebook, and thus more workmanship.

The double is the one which can easily slot over a Filofax type binder. The large double photographed here, fits beautifully over my A5 Graphic, and consists of a leather pouch sewn onto an elasticated belt to hold the Quiver in place. It is extraordinarily strong, incredibly easy to fit, beautiful to look at and functional. It will last for years, and is designed to do so. The width on the large Quiver is 4.5cm and so you require that gap between your card holder pockets in the inside front of your Filofax and the binder ring holder for it to be able to fit.

The cost of my Quiver pen holder worked out at a reasonable £10, however, the postage from the USA added on another £8, making it a fairly expensive product; but I think well worth the investment. It makes my Filofax much easier to use and it looks extraordinarily elegant. The company has sold Quivers to some of the Hollywood elite, including Oprah Winfrey, who apparently has been seen sporting one on her research notebook. It is also possible to purchase Moleskine/Quiver packages from the company direct.

The customer support team were incredibly helpful and I cannot praise them highly enough. They pride themselves on what is a quality product and when my first tan Quiver arrived with loose stitching, not only were they genuinely apologetic at the rarity of a fault, and had it replaced by mail within the week, but a second black Quiver was sent with their compliments, free of charge, to cover my inconvenience. An extraordinarily high standard of service. Cue the perfect excuse for the instant purchase of a second Graphic A5 in black, when I spotted it at a reduced price!!

This is just a superb product for Filofax or Moleskine notebook fans, and I feel so elated at having made such a useful discovery, that I wanted to share it here on Philofaxy.

Wonder if any other Philofaxers will be all of a Quiver before too long?


  1. I've got a couple of the single quivers for large notebooks. I must agree - they are beautifully made and work exactly as designed.


    Pete Mac in Melbourne

  2. Thanks Butanben. Would a quiver work for a personal sized Filofax?

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  4. Pete, glad you love Quivers too!!

  5. CP, I am sure that a Quiver would fit a personal Filofax with no problems. It is an elasticated loop which fits on so easily.It is just a question of size and dimensions,as to whether the small or large Quiver would be best on a personal. The company are easy to contact on Facebook, and reply swiftly to enquiries if you give them the dimensions of your Filofax. Remember to measure the gap between your inner pockets and the ring binder, and to check the width of the Quiver strap, so they tally. They are an incredibly helpful firm. The product is a reasonable mid price, but the postage from the USA of course adds to that.I thought it worth it for the quality and usefulness. Great pressie for DH, dads, uncles etc, with the Quiver/ Moleskine notebook packages too. See web page. xxx

  6. At Quiver, we're just learning about the amazing Filofax notebook. Thank you Butanben for your April post about our two-pen Quiver pen holder. If any Filofax users have questions about our Quiver pen holders and your notebook, please don't hesitate to contact us a www.quiverglobal.com and we'll respond that same day. Bob

  7. At Quiver we're just learning about the amazing Filofax notebook. Thank you Butanben for your very kind review of our two-pen Quiver pen holder. Should any Filofax users have questions regarding our Quiver pen holders please contact us via our web site, www.quiverglobal.com. Bobgrantat

  8. Looks lovely, but the price on their website is shown as £17.78 for the large double.


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