02 November 2009

What do you write with?

Another revisit of an old topic. Way back in July 2006 Nan asked the same question What do you write with?

I wonder if you have changed over time as pens have changed? I like to write with a fountain pen more than I like writing with a ball point pen. I find ball points frustrating when they don't write straight away, especially when you are signing something.

In my organiser I tend to use a mechanical pencil with a 0.5 mm lead which means I can enter my appointments in pencil and rub them our if an appointment is changed or moved.

I have a few different fountain pens some more expensive than others, I've even used some disposable ones!

Filofax themselves sell some very nice fountain pens, but I thought they were a little pricey. Although they do have a good offer on at the moment. (See below)


  1. I have a Montblanc fountain pen, a Waterman ballpoint pen and two Waterman pencils. I don't tend to keep them in the loops as I am always writing and forget to put them back. So they go in the pocket of my bag. I prefer a fountain pen, despite the fact that I am left handed and I have to be careful not to smudge what I have just written with my hand.

  2. I like my Parker pens http://www.parkerpen.com/en/

    I have a standard Parker biro in my Filo which will accept either normal biro ink refils or gel ink refils. I tend to use the normal biro because you've all seen my obsession with highlighters and the gel ink tends to smudge quite badly when highlighted and this sort of defeats the object of writing stuff down, doesn't it?

    I also have a Parker fountain pen which I tend to keep at work for signing letters with.

    Finally, I have a bog-standard, cheap mechanical pencil in my Filo too for scribbling notes down. I tend to "obtain" these from work as there's always a stack of them lying around. Ssshhh!

  3. That as three years ago, why would I have changed my mind since then? LOL. Anyway, a mechanical pencil, the absolutely fantastic Pentel P205.

    I do have a nice Lamy pen in the second loop, but to be honest that's rarely used in the Filofax,more for notes and forms I have to fill in for others.

  4. I try to use one of those Bic 4 colour pens and use each colour for something different (I have always loved them!) but I sometimes mis-place it - don't know why I don't just put it back in the loop! - and so I sometimes have to grab anything that comes to hand. It's nice when that happens to be my Parker Fountain pen!!

  5. I have used a fountain pen since school and I don't think I'd ever go back, that time has passed for me!

    I use a Parker Mechanical pencil and biro, came in a set and they have a lovely carry case.

    I do like writing with pencil not just because of being able to rub it out with ease but it just seems to feel better to write with for some reason.

    The Parker biro is my favorite pen, we all have a favourite pen don't we? Well anyway I do!

  6. I love my Filofax Pink Fashion Pen so much that I purchased a second one - this time "Vanilla". It fits perfect in my pocket filo pen loop and looks great too - perfect size for it - extra fine and comfortable to write with.

  7. Up until quite recently I was using a Mont Blanc roller ball. I've had fountain pen "accidents" in my purse and so use them at home not so much carry them in my Filo anymore. The Mont Blanc is lovely and writes exquisitely, however I am always in a panic over losing it.

    The other day, the sushi delivery person had me sign my credit card slip with a Pentel Ener-gel needle tip roller ball & it was amazing for a disposable pen.

    So now I have one of those in my Filo and the Mont Blanc stays safe at home.

  8. Ewan Spence: I too, carry a pentel 205. I don't even know how old it is, I can't even remember when it lost the clip.
    I also carry a purple Pilot v5 Hi-Tecpoint.
    I can't live without them anymore!!
    For other stuff, such as my journal, I use a Pilot fountain pen in black. Very good quality for such a low price!

  9. Doh... I must have been half asleep when I wrote this post...

    I am also using a Pentel P205 pencil in my slimline...

    Thanks for all your great comments.


  10. I use a Parker classic ballpoint pen in my Kendal.

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  12. Green Pentel p205 bought at U Kansas bookstore in 1988 with approx. 134000 miles (+/- 133000) on it now. Green was a great choice because otherwise you thieves would steal it just like they all tried in school!! Back off me Pentel!!

  13. I use a Parker "Classic" (aka "International Classic") ballpoint, which is ideal for filos because it is nice and slim. The length is fine for Personal size binders and above.

  14. - Bullet Fisher SpacePen
    - Capeless Pilot-Namiki fountain pen
    - Waterman 'Exception' fountain pen, or something like that. Expensive but amazingly good.
    - Mechanical pencil (0.5).
    - Whatever is at hands when I need to write, mostly gel pen ;)

  15. I'm in-between pens and am curently using a Fisher bullet Spacepen. Dont really like the 'bullet' design, but I love the Fisher refill (which I usually put in some other pen body).

  16. I recently changed from one single pen to two with different colours. Everything in green has to do with work and everything in blue is private (home, family etc.) Like the way it shows me at glance what's happening. My blue pen is a fountain pen made by Rotring.

  17. My obsession with fountain pens is why my husband dubbed me "Inky"! But these days I exclusively use Sanford Uni-Ball Deluxe Micro pens. I have them in black, blue, and red. I buy them by the box for the house, but we also have them at work, so I don't know whose is whose! I use blue for my own to-dos, and red for things I'm waiting for other people to do. On my monthly calendar, I use blue for routine meetings and red for big deadlines.

    I believe these pens have gel ink, but I'm not certain. I like them because they're fine point, don't bleed through, and don't make blobs like a ballpoint (biro). They also fit in the Filofax pen loops, which is very important. :)


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