04 March 2011

Free For All Friday No. 119

Now that it's March it feels like spring is on its way here in Scotland, with flowers coming up and leaves budding out. Is it feeling like springtime yet where you are?

Are you making any plans in your Filofax for spring cleaning, trips for spring break, or other seasonal preparations?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to post comments about anything Filofax-related! :)

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. In the northeast of the US, it is most definitely NOT spring yet. Right now it is -11 outside.

    However, I am busy making plans in my trusty Pocket Filo for vacation March 15-29 when my BF comes home from Kuwait on leave.

    I've also been booking a lot of social events in my Filo lately...Monday is my birthday so invites to dinners out abound!

    Oh, and I got a birthday bonus from work yesterday which just happened to coincide with the cost of a Crimson Pocket Malden on deep discount on Goldspot, so I ordered one before they are gone : )

    Happy Friday!!

  2. To celebrate spring, I ordered the Chameleon (Personal) in Spring Green yesterday! There was a "25% off" code in a German Magazine... (Gala) - so how could I possibly resist?

  3. oooh Yvotchka birthday bonus! You lucky girl. Maybe I should leave the NHS.....

    I am looking forward to planning my trip back to Trinidad in my lavender domino travel-o- fax. I may also swap my pocket butterfly for the songbird when out of office at tutorials, meetings etc.

    My pocket spots will also be making the long trip across the Atlantic to use as my diary there :-)

    And I have fallen in love with the vintage rose malden too, so hopefully that wont disappoint.

  4. Can anyone help me please? I've jsut bought a mini Finsbury (in green) off ebay - it arrived this morning and is very pretty. I plan to use it when on holiday as a purse for my foreign currency and to add any notes to. From experience, can anyone suggest a suitable pen or other writing implement for this please? It has a 'fixed' pen loop which seems quite small.

  5. @Alison, usually the mini filofax pens will fit with no problems. It fits in my pink mini finsbury. You can get one quite cheaply off ebay.

  6. @carribean princess - Oh thanks! I'll just pop over there and see what I can find, I may be gone for a while ...

  7. I know this isnt a normal post for something like this, but i just had to let you know, i started this thing, that this blog set up, its called 30 days of lists, and its really good, ive been using my filofax for it, every day they give you a prompt on what the list is about then you do the list in your own way, some people have done like collages and stuff, and just lists, i just wanted to let all the other filofaxers know,


    I just thought i would let you know incase anyone else is fanatical about making lists :-D xxx

  8. @JBB Added to Philofaxy links and I've also 'grabbed a button'....


  9. @ Steve - YAY its so exciting!!! i cant wait for the enxt day!!!

  10. @ Jelly Boo thanks for linking! what a great idea! Another fun thing to do with my pink finsbury and fountain pens :-)

  11. I started spring filo cleaning early when I got my new Finchley. It has scrumptious cotton cream inserts, so I rewrote everything from my old white pages onto the cotton cream. Tedious, but worth it because the cc is soooo lovely.

    I also printed pictures onto my page dividers in the Finchley, to liven things up a bit and make it more 'me'. So now I have a lovely colourful organiser to see me through to spring and beyond. Now I just need to do something about rewriting the tabs on the binder, into something more 'me' too then I'm all set.

    I have a question too, how many people use the financial inserts and do you find them useful? I'm thinking of getting some to add in so I can keep an on-going and immediate track on my money and where it's going. Because even with online banking, you still can't always see what you need, when you need to.

  12. Whilst Alison was in a business appointment in Saumur this week, I went for a wander around the shops and discovered that Quo Vadis diary inserts where on 30% reduction at the newsagents. Not that I needed to get any.

    But what I did spot was that in the personal size (Timer 17) their 'pocket' model is slightly narrower 17x9cm (Filofax is 17x9.5cm) and their 'prestige' range is 17x10cm

    The Pocket was a week on one page with a notes page on the facing side, the week having appointments. Being narrower it would fit a slimline quite nicely I guess.

  13. I've started a recipe Filofax just today strangely. A pocket Mode in mint green and pink. Very Spring like colours.Was on a bargain shelf at just £5,so utterly thrilled. My goal is to fill in 2 recipes a day from Jamie Oliver 30 min meals and from Nigel Slater. Aim..... to eat more healthily and to try some new ideas..... apart from my usual repertoire of spagh bol and Chilli con carne, and to slip pocket Mode into handbag on supermarket trips.

  14. Jelly Boo, there's also a fantastic list site called 43 things, which is really rather addictive..... especially when I should be doing Spring cleaning instead.... blushes the colour of a Vintage Rose Malden here... Sorry I don't know how to post a link on here so it accesses straight to the site....... otherwise would have posted that for you. It can be found on Google though.

  15. @Annie,

    I really like the Filo check register. It works so much better for me than the ones which come with the checks. It always seemed before I started using the Filo, that one would get lost or misplaced, and when it came time for taxes time was wasted in locating it. This way they are all in one place.

    I also use the credit card one, just makes it easier to keep track of what is coming as far as bills are concerned.

    On trips, I use an old Filofax 'Personal Expense Log', it is their form 800 from 1983. It has four days on the front and 3 on the back. I think I have license to spend a bit more on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is seldom that there are any more than 7 expenditures in a day anyway.

    Any of these will help bring order to your life!

  16. @ Butanben

    Thank you i will check that out, sounds good, i love making lists and having something to do

    I love to put as much in my filofax as possible and use it as much as possible :-)

  17. @Alison - I use an Ikea pencil in my finsbury

  18. @Alison: For my Fins mini I use the Stabilo Mini (point 88), have them in a rainbow of colours, which is nice!
    Also working well: those cheap mini gel pens that are intended for kids (little girls most likely). Cost next to nothing, are really small and write quite nicely!

  19. i have spent a lot of time this week thinking about how best to spring clean my filofax. my biggest struggle has been my long lists of items to do. lately i have been thinking of switching from 2 days per page to 2 pages per day because of all the things i need to do...no decision yet though.

    @Jelly Boo Barbie i have a had a tab open in my browser with that project for a few days now. thanks for the reminder i will start it today.

    @annie i do use the bank account ref#130313. they help me keep track of how much money i do or do not have.

  20. Does anyone else find they buy inserts they think they will use and then not actually use it for one reason or another. I constantly think about how I can use this insert or this one and then i buy it and use one page and then for one reason or another it didnt work like i thought it would and boom its done. Its not worth selling the inserts on ebay, once you add postage costs its just not worth selling. so, does anyone else have inserts they bought and never use?

    I currently have (all personal size):

    year calander vertical (German):

    zipper envelope (the zipper annoyed me coz it made the pages not lie flat)

    meeting notes/work plan pages (German):

    I am not one to keep stuff i dont use. so if you want something let me kno. I am based in Munich i am not selling this stuff. maybe we can start a swapping idea. For example I would like to try the financial pages and the day planner pages. but there is no point me buying 20 if i wont use them. so if someone wants something from what i have and maybe in exchange you can send me 1 or 2 pages of 'day planner' if you use them.

    just an idea.

  21. Definitely not spring in Chicago either! While it is a bit warmer today, snow is on the way tomorrow!!!

    In the meantime, I am still working on rearranging my Filo and trying to pencil in some fun, spring-ish events. In March I am going with some friends to a maple syrup farm- should be fun!

    No new spring Filos for me, but like most I am oogling that Vintage Rose Malden!

  22. the only inserts i have that i have never used are the timetable ones.

    @SSA i will happily send you a few day planner sheets if you email your exact address to greenfilofax at gmail dot com. i am in the US so it may take a while to receive them.

  23. @Yvotchka--Happy birthday early!

    @J We don't need more snow around here. Argh.

    I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Personal Malden and am cleaning up my Classic A5 now. My Pocket Urban is happy and not overstuffed--yet.

    On the subject of lists, I found this site that allows one to track 101 things that one will accomplish in 1001 days. There are also a multitude of list ideas suggested by other members of the site. Happy planning/writing!


  24. @ Alison Reeves, Hi Alison, most of the filofax pens should fit the mini organiser, however, go to our website www.penshop.co.uk and look for the Kingsley Silhouette Ball pen. It is half the price of the Filofax pens and they go with most colours. They are very popular, we pretty much sell one with every organiser now.

  25. Hi everyone, I have set up a facebook page called "the pen shop - Jenners", check it out, I have been updating it with our recent Moleskine books and paperblanks books. I am going to set up a photo album, either this weekend or at the start of the week with pics of all the Filofax organisers we have with 30% off.

  26. I got a pic this week of what the new display stand is going to look like for the Filofax flex notebooks, it looks amazing, with a videoscreen at the top showing how it works, I will get a picture to you Steve asap, along with a list of what inserts will be available for it.

    My staff think it is really sad how excited I get about Filofax, but then I come on here, and seeing I am not alone makes me happy again. They call me Filoman.

  27. You aren't sad Craig... dedicated to the brand... much like us... if they lets us that is...

  28. Hi all, I' m setting up a couple of pages (1 blank notes page & 1 to-do page) for each room in my wonderful A5.
    I'm then going to plan the cleaning, decorating & restoration of each room in our house.
    Tie that up maybe with an Evernote folder or possibly a One Note Notebook and I can keep the house going.
    I can also tag appliances and paint colours either on paper or on screen and keep our house a home.


  29. Pilgrim I love your method of lists for each room!

  30. Craig I now "Like" the pen shop-Jenners! Great pictures!! I love that jade pen.

  31. Thanks for all the comments on pens for my mini finsbury. I'm checking them all out!

    I like to use an A5 for Work - I really wish they would do a 'glamorous' filofax - something like the deco in that size.

  32. @shepcraig - Is there a possibility of getting price estimates for sending a Filo to the US? I've been looking for the Domino personal-sized snakeskin in bronze, but I apparently can't get it in the US. But I did see it on the Jenners site! :-)

  33. @Robin, I will look into this on Monday for you.

  34. Uploaded the pics of our 30% off filofax organisers on our facebook page
    pen shop jenners

  35. My family come from Edinburgh, so I was thrilled to read all about Jenners's Pen Shop!! Shame they no longer have the old fashioned lunch/afternoon tea room in Jenners-used to have crisp white tablecloths and silver service when I was a child and went with granny!!!! Sigh!!!

  36. @Robin, I have just been on the Royal Mail website, it would cost £11.00 postage to send to America


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