18 February 2011

Free For All No. 118

There is a feeling that Spring is just around the corner here in France, temperatures in the mid teens most days, which is very nice, but it's only February and we could still get bad weather.

I suppose it's the same with our Filofax Organisers, we might have made some change at the start of the year and we have been 'settling in' to our new set up, everything might appear to be going well up to now, then there is a change of circumstances that suddenly means you have to change your set up again.  I don't think any of us like changing our set up, it takes a few days to find everything again, but sometimes the change is for the better and we wonder why we never tried that before.

So have you had to change anything in your Filofax this year?

But as it's Friday the floor is as usual yours to discuss anything Filofax related. 


  1. ooh I get to be first today. I will play around with my diary inserts in my Adelphi. I received a week on one page with notes page diary and this would probably work for a PhD planner. I will keep you updated. TGIF.

  2. Good morning everyone from NY.. I have a few minutes before I wake up my 16 year old for school.... I am LOVING my Christmas pocket Eton - so soft like butter!.. This week I starting moving the "to do" list from it's own section to the week I'm in. Even though this view blocks my full week's view, I find it absolutely necessary!.. Well I have one more week before my global PMP certification exam. I decided that in my A5 Time Management calendar I'm going to set up a timed agenda for the next 7 days with milestones to meet! After I pass I'm going to force myself to use Flickr so I can show you some lovely pics... Yesterday, I had my Black Eton with Blackberry and Mont Blanc pen sitting in a pile - so pretty!

  3. CP - I have those as well for this year and I love them.

    On a more random note - I ordered the A5 Domino snake in bronze yesterday, I have no idea what I'm going to use it for yet. Any ideas?

  4. Femke, I have the A5 in Bronze too! It's very nice, and the cover is a lot more durable than the regular Domino covers. My youngest daughter commented with awe: "Wow, this looks like gold!"
    I'm using it as a school-related record keeper on my kids. Each of my kids has his own tab and own colored note paper.
    In case you don't have kids: I also have an A5 Domino in Red set up as a recipe book. I print the recipes from www.ah.nl/recepten (I know, this will only make sense to fellow-Dutch people, so this one is entirely for you! LOL).

  5. Good morning! I just purchased my very first Filofax yesterday -- Personal Chameleon in black -- after struggling through the first six weeks of 2011 with a week-at-a-glance planner that wasn't working for me because of too little space allotted for each day... But the filo's One Day on Two Pages Calendar looks like it will solve that problem nicely, and since my iphone and computer store all my contact info, I've pared back all the inserts to focus on the diary and a few pages for notes. Can't wait to read what other inserts people are using and how. Would love to find some notepaper in bright colors or with fun graphics to jazz things up.

  6. Well I'm certainly not complaining, but I'd already bought a 2011 diary insert for my Mini and written in important dates, birthdays etc. when my boyfriend presented me with a pocket Deco at the end of January (which should have been my Christmas present but was repeatedly delayed). The Pocket's replaced my Mini as my day-to-day, always-in-my-handbag filofax, so I had to copy out all the dates I'd already written into the Mini and now the Mini's kind of redundant. But I'm sure I'll find something to do with it eventually!

    I've never got along with using the 'ToDo' inserts for day-to-day stuff. I use them for more long-term stuff which I don't have to do this week, but which I need to keep in mind - stuff like 'get vaccinations for trip abroad' or 'book dentist appointment'. For anything which I need to do in a hurry (like 'post mum's birthday card') I've just started using one of those little post-it things and sticking them on the current week.

  7. Jotje, I am quite excited, I saw the photos on your flickr, when I searched for the color of it.

    And I have an A5 already set up as our "family" organiser, ie recipes etc, so that's already taken. I've handwritten all my recipes (takes up a lot of time, but it's so much fun!). I use the A-Z index for it, it's so fabulous!

    I'm thinking of using the Domino to replace my monthly Moleskine which I use for recurring events, and keep it as a log for my college work.

  8. Jotje and Femke, thank you!

    I have a red A5 Classic which was given to me as a Christmas present a few years ago (my first filofax, in fact) but after the novelty of using it at work wore off, I found I really couldn't think of a good use for it. I don't work in a job where I need a 'desk' organise and it's too big to carry around. Now it's just sitting in a wardrobe feeling lonely.

    I love cooking and cannot believe I've never thought of using it for recipes before. That will be perfect!

  9. Hi all,

    I seem to remember a post somewhere about using Personal sized pages in an A5 Filo-can anyone point me in the right direction please?
    I'm thinking of using an A5 Filo with a Dodo pad insert, but I've got stacks of Personal sized inserts from 17 years usage that I'd like to make the best use of.
    Whilst I've got the chance, thanks to Steve, Laurie, Nan & all for being the fellow filofaxers and being so usefull and helpfull at the same time

  10. Hello to all. I am making a big planner move this week from using my Chocolate Classic A5 as my go-to Filo to a personal Malden--it is on order and I cannot wait for it arrive (your photos inspired me, Jojte!).

    Too much browsing for Filo ideas gets me thinking about a Finsbury personal and a Domino personal. One would be an Ed.D. planner and the other a "me" binder. Any suggestions on which will wear better, and color combinations, are welcomed. Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. @Pilgrim
    Cut the bottom left hand corner off the personal inserts and then they will fit in the A5 - just one of the holes in the insert won't be being used.

    Hope that helps!

    @CP TGIF indeed!

  12. @ Amanda Thanks
    @ Femke I am excited to use them
    @ Skhen the Domino and the Finsbury are great binders. The Domino is cheaper as it is not leather but the suede interior may get dirty. The Finsbury might wear better. I like pinks and purples, so raspberry, pink, lavender shades would be my favs. You could always get them both!

  13. Oooh! The amethyst Deco is on the filofax UK website: http://www.filofax.co.uk/store/organiserdetails.asp?sizeId=3&rangeId=118&dsizeId=3

    *I must control myself*

  14. ... and it comes in slimline!

    I wonder if there are any other new additions?

  15. Seemed like a good idea at the time...
    I changed my work set-up this week and am completely in the 'oh lord, where have I put that!?' phase, NOT helped by still not having re-labelled the dividers so they still say 1-6. :-(

    Now, WHY did I do it in one of my busiest weeks?? I've been A*** for Elbow all week.


  16. @Amanda
    Thanks, I knew it was probably something simple, but couldn't remember for the life of me.

    Kind regards to all

  17. okay. those of you that find filofax organizers at tjmaxx. what section do you find them in?

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. @colie I am on the hunt as well. My local store puts them by stationery. They said to call on delivery days and they would check for them for me. :) Good luck with the hunt.

    @caribbean princess-thanks for your input! I try to buy/implement one Filo, but multiple newbies might be fun. Your collection is amazing, btw!

  20. OK Filo-nation, your posts are a lot more exciting than mine, but I'm giddy nonetheless to report that I got a whole batch of lined inserts for my *new* personal Sketch. (They're actually DayRunner size 3 loose-leaf note pages that work like a charm. Everything in size 3 fits.)

    Maybe more exciting news is the new Sketch in all its chocolate-ness, which is a bit of a trainer for a nice someday leather model.

    Yay for a three-day weekend for Presidents Day in the US!

  21. Well it's been a busy week for me... working.. ah that word!! Yes but it's been quite enjoyable work, looking at houses here in France for someone in UK who is looking to buy a second home. I like spending other peoples money!!

    Nothing much to report on webfinds this week, Google hasn't plucked anything significant from the interwebs.

    I'm in the process of thinking out my next post on our time management series. More on this later.. got to go and help plant some trees...

    Cue the lumberjack song by Monty Python!! Or play it in reverse I suppose if you are planting trees...

    Happy Sunday!

  22. My planner set up has been working very well since the beginning of the year. At the start of 2011 I started using 2PPD instead of the Day planner sheets. Only once did I think about switching back to the day planner sheets. But the 2PPD seems to be working well with my weekly and monthly sheets.

    As spring approaches, I may change binders, from my personal black malden to my personal ochre malden - it's lighter, though I wouldn't call it a "spring" color. We shall see...


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