18 December 2009


So are Filofax organisers or 'planners' (generic) coming back in fashion?

Have we at Philofaxy inspired enough people to start using a Filofax for the first time or to get that once loved Filofax out of the bottom drawer again, load it with some pages and put it back in to regular use?

Well there seems to be more and more of us talking about 'planners' and of course included in that is Filofax. In the last few months a few new blogs have appeared dedicated to planners, all friends of Philofaxy of course. Take a look at the links in the left hand side bar, we have added those we know about.

Will 2010 be a year when we see more and more people using a Filofax on a regular basis?

I wonder if Filofax will bring out more niche products in 2010 like we saw with the Beauty Gift Box? May be something aimed at guys?



  1. My partner has used a filofax since his university days, even with his BlackBerry he wouldn't get rid of his trusty filo.

    It somehow becomes a part of your life just as much a mobile phone does.

    I use mine for my diary, addresses and for decluttering my thoughts, getting it down onto paper somehow helps.

    So no it isn't just a fashion, because somehow people always come back to pen and paper to plan their lives. It's reliable and it dosen't break down...although you may need another filo when you have too many pages to be able to close the fastening rings....

  2. I think the Filofax (and the Planner) has come back into "fashion" for two reasons...
    (a) Recycling: we're constantly encouraged (media speaking) to recycle so the obvious choice for diary/address books is to replace unused pages;
    (b) Internet Security: we're (also) constantly reminded about how easy it is to gain access to personal information via the WWW so the obvious choice is to only write it down where you can control the view;

    enter, stage left, the Filofax/Personal Planner.

    As an aside, I was clearing some drawers out upstairs the other day and found a filo planner copy that had an address book in and a few blank pages - my husband almost killed me by pouncing on it, shouting "Don't throw that out... it's really useful!!!!!"

    What can I say... I know he'd balk at the expense of an original Filo because he doesn't use it enough but it's nice to know that he's got something similar, tucked away :-D

  3. I've recently rekindled my love affair with the Filo after a failed five year relationship with the Palm. But this time, it's becoming more torrid! As a matter of fact, I will be completing my Personal Guildfords from the Zip, the Slimline and hopefully tomorrow my Snap-On arrives - every model will have its specific job description. The Zip as the "main station", the Slimline as my wallet/checkbook/to-go planner, and the Snap-On as my sidekick/tour guide/planner when I travel long distances.

    I guess this is more of a re-discovered staple rather than fashion for me as I can't imagine how I survived all those years without it. Besides, I don't care about the color of my Filo for as long as it's black!

    And thanks to the ever-growing popularity of the Internet. Now, I'm able to to see what's going on in that secret and glorious world of Filolandia with Filostines like me :)


  4. A colleague got her first planner (a generic from Target) and she is amazed at how useful it is. I, of course, sang its praises and showed off my Finchley and gave her tips to maximize her planner's efficiency. Another convert!

  5. I bought another A5 because of this blog. I would just love to move to Personal but don't know how that would work with work.

  6. I recently got one of my friends into Filofax - she requested one for Christmas. She's so excited to use it and has been tormented by the fact that she has to wait to get it.
    In other news, I too am jumping on the planner blog bandwagon. You can view it at http://lifewellplanned.blogspot.com/

  7. kanalt, your blog is not open to see except for invited viewers. Is this intentional?

  8. Ack! No, I had it hidden until it was up and running but forgot to change that. Sorry! Thanks for pointing that out.

  9. Now added to our growing list of Filofax related blogs... what is wrong with Philofaxy? No only kidding...

  10. Steve, Just remember "Philofaxy - For the love of Filofax!!! " No other brand compares!!!!

  11. I'm pleased that people feel liberated enough to write about their own planner experiences. The more the merrier I suppose.

    May be in 2010 Philofaxy should have some guest contributions?

    What do you think? Any volunteers?

  12. Steve, I would do a guest blog if you're looking for someone...
    Let me know if you still are.

  13. I have a question?
    Why the personal size?
    Why not the A5 (if you use the personal size).
    What type of work do you do that accomidates the personal Filofax?
    Just looking for some answers, please.

  14. http://donnayoung.org/index.htm
    Thought you might like this-it might be useful for ready made templates or some such.
    Can I also say just how much I really enjoy Philofaxy as a long term user (nearly 20 years of addictive filofaxing),and now a proud Blackberry owner to add to as well!
    Merry Christmas to everyone involved in and readers of Philofaxy

    Andy Raisbeck

  15. I would certinally be interested in contributing in a 'guest spot' at some point.

  16. gregorym: my filo is my portable office so i find A5 the most practical for storing stuff. I can just print things in A4, punch some holes and store in the filo, then fold it over. Plus there's more space for writing.

    My filo is also zipped so things don't go missing.

    You've just switched from A5 to personal right? How do you find it?

    I would also love to hear how others use a personal for work. Thanks.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Dilaila, I'm not sure exactly how this will work. As I said I have always used an FC classic or an A5 Filo. But I am so tired of carrying the larger around I'm willing to test the waters.
    I think with being able to put the personal in my laptop bag and sine I use a large "month at a glance calendar for sechuling along with my Blackberry, this Filo will become more personal so to speak. I can make notes on it that I feel are the most important from work while having the ability to carry this everywhere without a hassel.
    I take notes in a spiral binder I use and change monthly. (I have a spiral notebook for every month, all phone calls and information start there first.
    This is going to interesting but I'm excited!
    I will keep the group informed if you want me to.

  19. Gregorym,yes please. I would love to be able to use a Personal. Cheaper and more options.

  20. Thank you Nicola and Kanalt.

    If you would like to be guest contributor, can you please send your submissions as a plain text email to philofaxy@gmail.com and also attach any photos to accompany your submission.

    We will slot your submissions in to our schedule where ever there is a gap.

    Many thanks


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