25 December 2009

Free For All Friday No. 58

Merry Christmas everybody!!!!

Did Santa bring you any Filofax goodies?


  1. Yes, a mini Classic off eBay for £9.00, bargain! (present to myself actually)
    Merry Christmas :)

  2. Santa didn't, but I've stocked up for 2010...A5 Week-on-2-pages for work, Family Pack for home (A5 also), 2-days-per-page for Pocket Fitness, and some blank and ruled white leaves to supplement the City Dweller that I'm going to use as my Personal for 2010.

  3. I didn't but like Nan I stocked up earlier in the year.

    We are inching closer to being able to remove my 2009 and put in the crisp new 2010 pages.

    I've already put in my 2010 page per week diary in to my slimline personal which I use as my appointments organiser/wallet.

    The slimline has been a great addition to my collection, I use it more than my pocket size organiser now.

  4. not for myself, but my partner has come out well off on the filofax front. a new Kendal to replace his 18 year old filo which has finally given up the ghost but has traveled the world with him in the Navy.

    He hasn't opened it yet, as he is visiting his parents in Surrey, but I'm sure he'll be happy with it!

  5. You guys will have a laugh on this... .. My boyfriend individually wrapped each of these extras he ordered on FilofaxUSA.COM for me to open: 1)ruler 2)business card holder 3)clear plastic envelope 4)blue ruled paper 5)salmon ruled paper, 6)white ruled paper, 7) Address & Phone #'s 8) A-Z tabs 10) To-Do's 11) 2010 calendar...AND THEN... Finchley Mustard A5!! He didn't realize the A5 came with all but it was acciently sent to me with only a 2009 calendar so 2010 wasn't a waste. So I've got my stock of Filo for the year. Tomorrow I'm planning a "What/Where" plan as Nan as devised and planned!!

  6. Santa didn't, but my birthday's next week and my parents thought I might like my present early for the new year... a pocket red Butterfly organiser... I love it already!! Have been lusting over Filofaxes for weeks now, didn't think I'd ever afford one!


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